Brand New Cherry Flavor Release Date, Cast, And Plot – What We Know So Far

Todd Grimson’s Brand New Cherry Flavor will become a part of the original Netflix series this year. The series has been adapted from a fantasy-horror novel of the same name. Netflix has been host to countless adaptations of books or series over the past several years, and Brand New Cherry Flavor is no exception. Todd Grimson’s New Cherry Flavor, published in 1996, contains bicycle gangs, demons, celebrities, and a wealth of humor. It will be an exciting series. Since its cast and crew are some of the most adaptable personalities in the industry. 

Here’s all we know about the upcoming show without further ado.

Brand New Cherry Flavor Release Date

A promo for Netflix’s series on 19 July disclosed the release date for Brand New Cherry Flavor. If you are a fan of the earlier work of Nick Antosca and you’re keen on what Brand New Cherry Flavor is going to bring up, the good news is, you won’t have to wait for long. This is because the show had started filming before the second wave of covid hit and is now almost ready to air.

In fact, we have an official release date for the upcoming horror show. The series will be up and running on 13 August 2021 Friday. It will premiere for the very first time be available to watch on Netflix.


Brand New Cherry Flavor Plot

The show follows Lisa Nova as a filmmaker as she navigates Los Angeles. Lisa’s journey leads her worldwide when she gets engaged in a supernatural scheme of retribution. Grimson’s book is full of antiquity, fierce cannibals, and hallucinations. Whether these components are featured in the series is not apparent, although it does appear quite probable. While Brand New Cherry’s release date is still uncertain, cast, crew, and narrative are plenty to increase the expectation for another spectacular Netflix original series.


The official list of cast members is out, and it is full of talented actors. People listed below will be the cast of Brand New Cherry Flavor:

  • Rosa Salazar as Lisa Nova
  • Manny Jacinto as Code
  • Mark Acheson as Pierre
  • Daniel Doheny as Jonathan
  • Catherine Keener as Boro
  • Eric Lange as Lou Burke
  • Hannah Levien as Christine Woods

Also starring Crystal Albert, Darcy Laurie, Siena Werber, Kenya Jordan, Eva Ariel Binder, Leland Orser, Jayson Blair, Aya Furukawa, Patrick Fischler, Michael Bardach, Pete Antico, and Georgia Bradner.

Brand New Cherry Flavor cast members have a flawless spectrum, with unique acting talents that are likely to add to their specific characteristics.


The trailer for the series was released in July 2021, and it promises an adventure full of thrilling scenes for sure. It is only a matter of time until the show actually airs, so hold tight because season 1 will be full of ups and downs, twists and turns.


Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.

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