Armie Hammer and Fiancee Marina Gris Break Up Following Secret Engagement

Today, we are covering the drastic shift in the relationship between Armie Hammer and Marina Gris. Nowadays, they are surfacing on the internet, and to learn the details, let’s begin.

Armie Hammer and Fiancee Marina Gris Break Up

Armie Hammer has parted ways with his fiancée, Marina Gris. They decided to call it quits after a few months of engagement. Hammer began dating Marina nearly four months after his divorce from his former wife, Elizabeth Chambers.

Gris, a glamorous IT consultant from Kazakhstan, made the announcement on her Instagram story, expressing, “It’s with a reflective heart that I announce the end of my journey with Armie, a chapter that’s been deeply personal and warmly significant in my life and closed a month ago.”

Armie Hammer and Fiancee Marina Gris
Armie Hammer and Fiancee Marina Gris Break Up Following Secret Engagement

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The 26-year-old acknowledged the discussions surrounding the disgraced actor’s allegations but affirmed that her experiences with the 37-year-old Hammer were “positive and in no way reflective of these allegations.” She emphasized, “I speak only from my perspective and experiences and am not responsible for any of his past, current, and future relationships.”

Describing their relationship as a space of “deep appreciation, support, love, and understanding,” Gris praised Hammer as a “gentleman.” Their marriage plan was “rooted in strength, encouragement, and deep mutual care,” and their split was “tough.”

Armie Hammer and Fiancee Marina Gris
Armie Hammer and Fiancee Marina Gris Break Up Following Secret Engagement

Gris, who has a keen interest in psychopaths, expressed gratitude for the love and support she received, concluding, “As I wish Armie happiness and fulfillment, I hold onto our memories with fondness, including the laughter and lighthearted moments we shared. Be happy, Shawty.”

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Armie Hammer and Marina Gris Relationship Timeline

According to insiders of the DailyMail, Marina Gris, the brunette beauty residing in the Czech capital Prague, initially crossed paths with Hammer in July. Their connection grew as they jetted to Rome, spending a cozy weekend together in a luxurious 5-star hotel. Moreover, back in October 2023, Gris happily shared a photo flaunting a diamond band held by Hammer on her left ring finger. Captioning the post, she playfully remarked, “I said ‘What is it, silly question day, American?'” in an apparent nod to his proposal.


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Another picture featured a lavish bouquet and a card proclaiming, “We are doing this. Forever.”


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The news of Armie Hammer and fiancee Marina Gris’s breakup surfaced almost seven months after Hammer’s divorce from ex-wife Elizabeth Chambers was finalized. Approximately a week after his divorce, he was spotted passionately kissing his ex, Lisa Perejma, making it uncertain when his and Gris’ budding relationship began.

However, in December, the “Death on the Nile” star also shared a mysterious message about “things falling apart.” Posting a quote, he wrote, “This is the spirit of true awakening. It was all about letting go of everything. Things falling apart are a kind of testing and also a kind of healing.”

And now, only a few days after he posted this message, the couple has split up.

Armie Hammer Allegations

Back in 2021, the Los Angeles police got involved in probing rape accusations made by a woman named Effie against Hammer. However, the plot took a twist when, in May 2023, authorities declared that no charges would be pressed against him. Hammer firmly stood against these allegations, which also involved bizarre cannibalistic fantasies by his ex, Courtney Vucekovich.

Amidst the fallout, facing both cancellation and disconnection from his family, the movie star took a self-prescribed timeout, entering rehab to address his struggles with substance abuse. Notably, Robert Downey Jr. stepped in with financial support during this challenging period.

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