Apple Treasurer, $200 Billion Keeper, Retires After 35 Years

According to a report by Bloomberg, Gary Wipfler, the corporate treasurer of Apple, the one who has managed the mass amount of the company’s cash very diligently and also looked after the other financial related activities is allegedly retiring from his role from the Cupertino tech giant and let us clear that the man has worked for 35 years for the company. 

Some of the Splendid Work accomplished by Gary Wipfler as Apple’s Treasurer

According to sources, the 62-year-old man, Gary Wipfler, has decided and announced his decision of stepping down from his designation as the curator and keeper of $200 billion money treasure of the company.

Though the announcement for his decision of stepping down from the role has not been confirmed yet in public. Being a treasurer, Gary handled the end-to-end cash balance, investments, and the plans for capital return. It has been said that there was a point of time when he was also a part of the quarterly earnings calls of Apple.

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As said, the term of service Wiplfer served in the company encompassed multiple numbers of the chief executive officer appointed by the company over time and also heard that he is working at Apple even before Steve Jobs came back to Apple in the year 1997.

Apple Treasurer
Apple Treasurer

Gary Wipfler has been responsible for bringing many positive changes in the company for instance he participated in a change in the money strategy of the company which resulted in dedicating more money for the buyback of shares and multiple dividend campaigns. Above all, the strategy of Apple backed off from many of its major procurements. 

Roles Played Apart from being An Apple’s Treasurer, Read below

Along with working as an Apple’s keeper, Gary Wipfler also supported and supervised Braeburn Capital which is a subsidiary of the company, and looks after managing the assets held by the company.

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He also took part in supporting the racial justice of Apple and also in affordable house efforts. Till the time of his retirement, he is liable to answer and report to the Chief Financial Officer whose name is Luca Maestri.

Finally, Let’s catch out the final cash & Securities which Apple holds in the 2nd quarter of 2021

As per reports, Apple concluded the second quarter of the year 2021 with $194 billion in Cash and Securities and it has been heard that the company has been trying to focus on reducing its cash balance to balance out the amount of debt and cash. 

So, that’s all we know regarding the retirement of Apple Treasurer Gary Wipfler but since there is no official announcement made yet, we look forward to hearing from them and keep you updated, until then stay tuned.


Abhimanyu Sangwan
Abhimanyu Sangwan
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