Apple to launch a new 16 inch MacBook Pro

Apple is one of the largest digital industry around with a massive customer base. It produces robust gadgets that contain innovative features to go by. Quite similarly so, Apple had announced the release of yet another one of its superior creations the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

This device caused a lot of heat amongst people through various rumours predicting what the device may contain. Now the rumours are finally coming to a rest with the official announcements on the release of this long-awaited gadget.

As reported by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg, Apple will probably launch the machine as early as tomorrow. And much to the enthusiasm of all those Apple fans, the sales are most likely to kick off the following week.

What will be the price of the MacBook Pro 16 inch?

Apple products are known to be affordable for use. With that said, the expected prices of the new MacBook Pro have started to circulate. In light of those, we can expect the new MacBook Pro to cost as much as the 15-inch model. This existing model first came with a starting price of $2,399.

This is primarily because Apple has decided to replace the whole line up fo the Macbook Pro 15 inch model with the latest 16 inches one. So we can expect the old MacBook Pro 15 inch versions running out from markets soon enough! 

What will the device contain?

As depicted by the very name, we can expect the latest MacBook Pro to come with increased screen size. This is presumably the selling feature of the device and will consist of 16 inches. However, the screen is not the only thing the company os transfixed on. Various other features will accompany this latest bit of technology. 

With the release of new technology, Apple has quite generously taken into account all the complaints let by its users. It is all quite evident as the new MacBook Pro is a sure revamped version of the old one.

First off, Apple has finally taken into account the nuisance of those butterfly keyboards that have been a part of MacBooks since 2016. This butterfly keyboard is the very cause of a seemingly tarnished reputation of the otherwise perfect reputation of MacBook pros.

Issues like stuck keys, repeated keystrokes and various other reasons had led to a severe downfall in the popularity of the MacBook pros. Apparently, Apple also accepts its flaws and is now fervently showing off its new keyboard.

Additionally, the MacBook Pro will most likely come in two variants sporting a price difference. The first variant will sport a 2.6GHz 6 core 9th generation intel processor. This will come as a pair to 16GB of 2666MHz DDR4.

The second variant will differ through a 2.3 GHz 8 core 9th generation Core i9 processor. This will also be paired through the same 16GB pf 2666MHz DDR4 apart from that both the variants will have a 16 inches Retina display along with a True Tone Technology.

Weighing a 4.3 pounds, the MacBook Pro will sport a 100-watt hour battery that sustains for 11 hours. This battery will charge through a 96 watt USB type C charger. There is various entertainment feature available too such as 6 speaker stereo system with Dolby Atmos mode and Studio quality 3- microphone array. The Macbook Pro 16 also supports an Intel UHD Graphics 630, a headphone jack and 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports.

The Backlit Magic keyboard integrated into the device along with a touch bar and touch ID provides a sleekness to its modern look. For connectivity, it has an 802.11ac WiFi and a Bluetooth 5.0.

Expected release

As per the timeline followed by Apple and the rumors we can expect the device to hit as early as start o December. This will most likely come after the launch of new iPod 11.


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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