What Is Adin Ross Net Worth?

With 7.2 million followers on Twitch, Adin Ross is a popular content creator who streams games such as GTA V. He is also a famous YouTuber and has been creating lifestyle and comedy-related videos since 2014. He has earned several million through content creation, with many wondering what Adin Ross net worth is.

Adin Ross Net Worth 

Adin Ross net worth is estimated to be $24 million. The twenty-two-year-old accumulated $9 million as his annual income last year.

What Is Adin Ross Net Worth
What Is Adin Ross Net Worth

Adin Ross Income Through Twitch

Adin Ross is one of the greatest streamers on Twitch. He produces engaging and entertaining content that has attracted millions of viewers. Currently, he has 6 billion views on Twitch. Moreover, Ross has amassed over $7 million via his Twitch channel in the past twelve years. Fascinatingly, since the start of his career, he has accumulated a net worth of over $20 million.

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Adin Ross Net Worth: Other Investments and Assets

Adin has some assets and investments that help him increase his overall net worth. He has three real estate properties, four cars, and an investment portfolio of 11 stocks valued at $9 million. Some of the companies he has purchased stocks in include DuPont, Tesla, Salesforce, Intel, and Boeing.

Adin Ross Houses

Adin Ross lives in his 5,200-square-foot lavish house in California, United States of America. The YouTuber bought this house for $4 on a mortgage from Morgan Stanley. Moreover, he has spent almost $30,000 on a brand-new game room in this luxurious residence. 

Car Collection 

Recently, Adin Ross spent $200,000 to purchase an Audi RS Q8, owing to the value of Adin Ross net worth. Furthermore, the streamer also has a Volvo XC90 to his name, costing $60,000. There are a few other top-notch motors he owns, such as:

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• Jaguar XE

• Range Rover Sport

• Alfa Romeo Giulia

Brief Information About Adin Ross

Born on October 11, 2000, in Boca Raton, Florida, he spent most of his childhood in Fresno, California, with an older sister named Naomi. Moreover, Adin’s childhood was not remarkable as his parents were in an unhealthy marriage, which affected Ross in every aspect.

Furthermore, he brought to light in the “No Jumper” podcast that a mentally ill relative stabbed him in his sleep when he was just a 9-year-old child. This incident got him admitted to the hospital for more than a month. Moreover, Adin’s studies also suffered due to this tragic incident. As far as he revealed, Ross got nine stitches on his arm, and his mentally disturbed family member was admitted to a rehabilitation center after being caught.

In addition, Adin Ross also unfolded his struggles with depression, as he used to deal with suicidal thoughts. However, his passion for gaming and Twitch streaming helped him cope with extreme mental strain and self-destruction.


Adin Ross started his career as a streamer on Twitch in 2019. He uploaded his first few streams on the current account towards the end of October 2019. Moreover, his content on NBA 2K raised him to popularity. Fortunately, he became a part of the NBK 2K group “Always Excelling,” which opened his way to meeting NBA icon—LeBron James’s son, Bronny James. Later, LeBron joined a call with Bronny and talked to Adin Ross in June 2020.

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He also hosted “e-date” streams to assist people in finding the love of their life. Also, the content creation group “SSB, or Stacy’s Stepbrothers,” took him on board in February 2020. 


Adin Ross had a flight with rapper Charles “Julio Foolio” Jones after singing his song “Who I Smoke” twice in his live streams. However, the fight ended with Foolie’s appearance in Adin’s stream. Further, it was April 10 when Adin Ross faced a day ban on Twitch after indulging in a controversy with a YouTuber, Zik. Later, on April 12, the ban on his account was lifted.

YouTube also banned Ross for showing illicit content during a GTA V stream on May 12, and it was a 24-hour prohibition.


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