Peacock’s Twisted Metal TV Show First Look Teaser Released Along With Release Date

It’s time for everyone to mark their calendar again because another TV adaptation of a popular video game is taking place. Yes! We are talking about the Twisted Metal TV show! Peacock has released the first teaser of Twisted Metal TV show, an action-comedy series. 

The game won the hearts of the players who have played it on PlayStation. It is a car combat video game. In this game, the players get to control deadly demolition vehicles. The Twisted Metal tournament kept everyone on their toes, and now we will be able to see the game unpacking itself in the form of a television show. Keep reading to know more about the series. 

Twisted Metal TV Show: Release Date 

The Twisted Metal TV show is scheduled to premiere on Peacock on July 27, 2023. The series will house ten episodes, and all the episodes will drop together on the specified date. The run time of each episode is 30 minutes. Please note that the above-mentioned release date is valid for US viewers. 

Peacock's Twisted Metal TV Show First Look Teaser Released Along With Release Date
Peacock’s Twisted Metal TV Show First Look Teaser Released Along With Release Date

The development of the series began back in May 2019. Both Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions were involved in it. In February 2022, Peacock ordered an entire season of the game. The series was filmed from May to August 2022 in New Orleans. According to sources, the cast faced many obstacles while shooting the series in summer as they had to deal with extreme heat, hurricane threats and lightning delays. 

Additionally, the debut of the Twisted Metal TV show is unsurprising for many fans. For the past few years, it has become common for the makers to go for TV adaptations of the games, as visible in The Last of Us (HBO) and The Super Mario Bros. Movie (Universal). 


The cast of the Twisted Metal TV show includes the following names: 

  • Anthony Mackie as John Doe 
  • Tahj Vaughans as Mike 
  • Stephanie Beatrix as Quiet 
  • Chelle Ramos as Jamie Roberts 
  • Michael Carollo as Carl 
  • Jared Bankens as Agent Shepard 
  • Diana Rodriguez as Amber 
  • Jamie Neumann as Miranda Watts 
  • Angel Giuffria as Tinker 

Guest stars of the series include the following names:

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  • Neve Campbell 
  • Mike Mitchell 
  • Chle Fineman 
  • Lou Beatty Jr. 

Michael Jonathan Smith is the showrunner and executive producer of the show, along with Arnett, Mackie and Marc Forman. 

Twisted Metal TV Show: The Plot 

Twisted Metal TV show revolves around John Doe, a motor-mouthed outsider. Anthony Mackie, the Marvel star, will portray the character. In the series, John will encounter a life-changing opportunity that comes with a high price. He is required to deliver a mysterious package. What is interesting is that delivering the package is not an easy task. It is because John will have to drive across the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Furthermore, he needs to survive the onslaught of the killer cars. 

Official Teaser 

The trailer for the Twisted Metal TV show is not out. However, Peacock has released the official teaser. In the teaser, we saw Anthony Mackie plugging in his car and equipping himself with weapons. He is seen having fun and listening to music in a highly advanced car. Then, the screen shifts to show a clown. That’s it! The teaser did not reveal much about the series.

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Thanks to the official synopsis, we have an idea about the clown! According to it, the clown is deranged and drives around his ice cream truck.

We expect more details once the official trailer is out. Therefore, we will update this section once Peacock releases the show’s official trailer.

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Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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