6 Ways To Optimize CIEM Solutions

If you are looking for options to keep your cloud data secure from malicious attacks and other threats, you have reached the right place. CIEM or Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management solutions are ideal for protecting critical information shared over the internet.

Many IT and security organizations use CIEM solutions and tools to manage user rights on a cloud or multi-cloud environment. These are also known as cloud rights management solutions or permission management solutions.

Read on to learn more about the easy ways to implement this data security model for your company. You can keep your cloud information safe from both internal and external threats.

6 Ways To Optimize CIEM Solutions
6 Ways To Optimize CIEM Solutions

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Visibility and Control of Cloud Ecosystem

There are three main cloud computing models; IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. IaaS or Infrastructure As A Service is the most flexible cloud computing data model. It is preferred by small-scale organizations looking for agile scaling.

IT companies in hybrid cloud environments prefer using PaaS or Platform As A Service Model. When you do not wish to invest more in IT maintenance services, you can use SaaS or Software as a cloud computing model.

CIEM solutions offer public IaaS cloud resources like Amazon Web Services (AWS) data protection. CIEM solutions provide complete visibility of user privileges while working on complex and dynamic cloud-based environments.

It reduces the attack surfaces for identities and entitlements over the cloud network.

Identify Security Threats and Loopholes in Cloud Network

Maintaining a public database on the cloud network is always under external threats like malware or cyberattacks. Sometimes, internal threats due to human error can leave your confidential information unsecured on the internet.

CIEM tools can help with anomalies in account entitlement and user privileges. It uses a zero-trust model that implements the least privilege rule (POLP). Every user is given minimum rights to data access. Hence, there is minimal room for error or cyberattack.

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Separation of Duties

According to Statista, in 2021, 64 percent of respondents named data loss/leakage their biggest cloud security concern.

CIEM solutions can help you define users with similar data access permissions. These security tools use the separation of duties principle to avoid wrongful acts or fraudulent usage of critical information.

The rule has two main objectives: to prevent data theft or loss. The second one is the detection of control failures like security breaches.

The solution conducts regular security audits to find flaws with the permissions and privileges. If a particular user has incorrect permissions or extended permissions to modify or update data in the system, CIEM solutions immediately track the user details and revoke the rights. It helps maintain data integrity in the system.

Risk Assessment

Cloud-based resources and entities are at constant risk of threat due to the dynamic nature of the internet. IT admins and security control teams in the organization need additional support to identify external and internal loopholes and mitigate attacks.

CIEM plays a significant role in helping security teams work efficiently. If minor privileged users or non-administrative employees try to tamper or misuse their credentials within the cloud network, the security tools can quickly identify these attacks.

When there is a need to add, delete, or modify existing user permissions or add new resources to the cloud environment, CIEM can give IT staff extra support to handle these processes effortlessly. 

There are times when third-party organizations may need access to critical company information shared on the internet. When multiple access points are introduced to user accounts, CIEM effectively reduces data errors and misconfiguration of critical information shared over the cloud.

Controlling and removing over-privileged user accounts is one of the leading cloud security challenges organizations face. CIEM tools can quickly identify such dangerous user accounts and applications shared over the cloud.

It focuses on data protection and works in compliance with the company’s security standards.

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Improve Workflow and Business Processes

As CIEM quickly identifies potential future vulnerabilities and problems in the cloud computing network, workflow and business processes run without disruptions.

With continuous visibility, security teams can identify risk factors and fix up problems immediately. The CIEM lifecycle framework helps companies continually discover, manage, and upgrade their security policies for high-performance business operations.

User Activity Monitoring

Working in a dynamic, multi-cloud environment is a daunting task. It becomes challenging to keep track of each user, application, or data process on the internet at all times.

CIEM solutions offer real-time data monitoring tools to maintain control and security across all networks shared over the cloud. It comes with automated remediation tools which can immediately identify suspicious activities and fix the problem before it spreads across the entire cloud network.

CIEM offers graphic visualization tools to identify possible data threats and techniques to remove them permanently from the system

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