6 Ways Technology Can Improve Your Finances

Utilizing the wide selection of apps and other technologies out there to manage your finances can get rid of tedious tasks and save you time and money in the process. Are you ready to rid your life of the stress that comes with money management? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that technology can Improve Your Finances.

Lower Monthly Expenses with Improve Your Finances

Cutting back on the money you spend each month is key to growing your savings and putting you in a better financial position. Use Google on your phone or laptop to see if there’s an energy provider out there that will charge you less per unit consumed. Log on to a comparative site to see if you can enjoy cheaper car, health and/or life insurance premiums? If you’re renting, have a look on real estate sites to see if there’s a house or apartment in your local area where the rent is considerably less than what you’re paying now. For instance, if you’re living in an apartment and looking for a change of scenery, you might find a comparable apartment in Centro Apartments Aurora CO with lower rent in the same area. You can free up extra money every month by refinancing your existing student loan with a private lender. You’ll be able to find plenty of providers online and you can use a calculator to determine how much your new repayments will be. 


This is especially important if you’re one of those people who forget to pay bills and transfer money. Set up automatic payments and you won’t have to worry about the small tedious tasks that could end up costing you a lot of money in late fees. 


Perhaps there are some bills that you’d like to manage yourself? Set a reminder in your calendar so you get a notification before the deadline of when the money needs to be transferred. You should also set reminders to check your bank accounts using the online app once a week to see if there are any suspicious transactions. 

Compare Prices

Get in the habit of using your phone/laptop to check prices online for all purchases you make, both big and small. There are plenty of apps in the marketplace that will enable you to compare everything from groceries and clothes to insurance, accommodation, gas prices and flights. 

Investment Tracking

Do you have investments in Bitcoin trading? Or do you own shares in a company? Is all your money tied up in a retirement fund? Whatever investments you have, it’s important to keep track of the money you put in and any profit or loss that you’ve made. Research the different apps that are available and choose the one that suits you best.

Store Receipts

There are so many reasons why you should always hold onto receipts. Doing so will help you keep track of your spending. You’ll also be able to cross check with your credit card bill or bank statement to ensure everything adds up. It will be easier to claim work expenses and file for tax deductible expenses when you have all the necessary receipts kept. The downside of storing receipts is they’re bulky and easy to misplace so why not use your phone? You have two options to digitally store receipts. First, take a picture of each receipt and store them in a designated folder in your gallery or, secondly, download an app that’s specifically designed for this purpose. A big bonus of these apps is you’ll be able to tag each receipt for easy retrieval.


Marie Foster
Marie Foster
Marie Foster covers Business News at OSN.

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