You vs. Wild: Out Cold Releasing in September?

Directed by Ben Simms, You Vs Wild: Out Cold is an interactive special of the popular adventure reality TV series ‘You Vs Wild.’ It is going to feature Bear Grylls as he sets out on another viewer-controlled adventure. Viewers will be required to guide Grylls through life-threatening environments by using Netflix’s special interactive technology. The plot is exciting, the production is phenomenal and Bear Grylls acting skills are second to none. So when will this adrenaline-inducing TV series air? Will it be coming to our screens anytime soon? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about You vs. Wild: Out Cold including its release date, plot, and trailer. 

You vs. Wild: Out Cold Release Date

The first You Vs. Wild series debuted in 2019. It was followed by a spectacular movie “Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie” in 2021. Surprisingly, Netflix announced the release of a special movie called You Vs Wild: Out Cold only days after the release of the first movie. 

The release date for the upcoming movie is announced officially by Netflix. It will premiere on September 14, 2021. 

Bear Grylls, the lead character, also took to his Twitter account to announce the release of his new movie. He tweeted a post saying, 

“If you enjoyed our first INTERACTIVE adventure @netflix MOVIE then check out our second film that we announce today… “OUT COLD!” And this time the stakes couldn’t be higher… I’m counting on YOU! Thank you Netflix & Ted Sarandos as always for your faith, support and encouragement.” 

The tweet was paired with a picture of the movie’s cover along with the release date written on it. 

You vs. Wild: Out Cold


The plot of this interactive special is quite exciting. We will see Bear’s plane crash in the snowy mountains as a result of which he suffers a brain injury. He loses all his memories and now we, the viewers, must make tough choices for him to survive. From scaling cliffs to facing wild mountain beasts, viewers will have to make some pretty tough choices! 

The official synopsis for You vs. Wild: Out Cold reads: 

“Bear Grylls is back for another exciting interactive movie for the whole family. Following a plane crash in the ice-ravaged mountains, Bear finds himself with amnesia trying to save himself and the pilot from the harsh winter elements. Bear will face huge rock walls, freezing dark tunnels, and creepy wildlife creatures. He’s in big trouble, and he needs your help to find his friend and get out of danger.”

You vs. Wild: Out Cold Cast

You vs. Wild: Out Cold will feature the following two actors

  • Bear Grylls- The lead character who suffers from amnesia. Viewers will control his choices and help him survive. 
  • Jason Derek Prempeh- We don’t know what his role will be as of yet. 

You vs. Wild: Out Cold Trailer

Although You vs. Wild: Out Cold’s release is just around the corner, Netflix has not released a trailer as of yet. However, fans should be on the lookout for a trailer as we will probably get one in the next few days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will You vs. Wild: Out Cold be available for streaming on other platforms?

Due to the interactive technology required, all You vs. Wild movies and series including the upcoming one are Netflix exclusive. They are not releasing on any other streaming platform.

How long will this interactive special last?

The length of the movie will vary based on the viewer’s choices. It can be anywhere between 25-45 minutes. 

What is the genre of You vs. Wild: Out Cold?

The movie belongs to the children & Family genre as well as the reality TV one.

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