Winona Ryder Gets Banned From Drew Barrymore’s Show

Drew Barrymore’s popular chat show is perfect to binge-watch when you’re feeling down. It is full of humor, optimism, and heartfelt conversations. From Cameron Diaz to Adam Sandler to Tyra Banks, many phenomenal actors have made appearances on the show. However, one particular actress Winona Ryder is unable to get featured on it. Rumors have it that she has been banned from the show. So is this really true? Is Winona Ruder banned from Drew Barrymore’s show? You can find out all about the alleged rivalry between the two famous actresses down below. 

Winona Ryder Gets Banned From Drew Barrymore’s Show 

The National Enquirer’s weekly edition reports that Drew Barrymore will never let Winona Ryder star in her show. The tabloid’s sources claim that this is because of the alleged rivalry between the two that started in the early ’90s. Apparently, both actresses wanted to get lead roles in the same show and this led to some non-friendly competition. 

The tabloid also said that “They both were wary of each other when they were starting out and became Generation X icons. So they never really become friends.”

Winona Ryder and Tom Green

To make things worse, Ryder went out with Drew’s ex-husband Tom Green which intensified hatred between the two. The tabloid  stated that “Tom and Winona never confirmed anything was going on between them, but it was an open secret.”

Sources also claim that Drew Barrymore was not absolutely livid about the affair between her husband and Ryder. However, “She’s still possessive about Tom, or at least about their brief time together,” stated the magazine. 

Recently, Drew invited Tom as a guest on her show. This proves that she’s still on friendly terms with him. However, it seems like she hasn’t forgiver Ryder as of yet! 

The tabloid’s insider sources stated that “People know better than to bring up Winona’s name as a potential guest. Drew could never pretend to like her. This incident was just something that added to the tension between Drew and Winona that has been going on for most of their lives.” 

Is the rumor true?

Reading about 90’s actresses getting into fights makes good headlines. However, the news is absolutely fake! The rumor that Winona Ryder is banned from Drew Barrymore’s show is untrue.

Winona Ryder

Ryder allegedly went out with Tom Green in 2008 but it was six years after his breakup with Drew. Also, it was a single date and the two never got involved in something serious. Moreover, the separation between Drew and Tom was on amicable friendly terms. Drew even ended up getting married to another man and had two daughters with him. Thus, Drew and Tom are just good friends and their relationship is completely platonic.

Additionally, Winona Ryder is currently not working on any projects that need promotion. Thus, she probably isn’t even trying to get on Drew’s Show. However, we’re sure that if Ryder tried, she could get a spot as a guest star in Drew Barrymore’s show easily. The idea that two despise each other is simply a rumor to create drama between two beautiful and successful stars.


Amna Aslam
Amna Aslam
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