What does Pepega mean? What is Pepega?

Everywhere on the internet, Pepega is getting viral, and everyone is losing their mind because nobody knows what does Pepega mean and what is Pepega. Pepega is a Twitch Emote. This emote feature a distorted image of Pepe the frog. On one beautiful morning, a twitch user used this green anthropomorphic frog with a humanoid body. Suddenly it became an internet meme material when it gained popularity across  Myspace, Gaia Online and 4chan in 2008. Whoa! this greensick frog is more popular than your crush. 😛

What is Pepega, How and When it was originated?

The story of Pepe very long to cover here and I don’t want this article super long and boring. So, let me make you understand in short. Pepega, the green frog cartoon character came in origin in a 2005 comic book by Matt Furie called Boy’s Club and the character was first used its catchphrase, “feels good, man.” On the internet, it is also referred to as sad frog meme by the people who are unaware of it.

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Initially, it doesn’t had any racist or anti-Semitic flavour. When it came in sight of internet users, they authorised the comic character and turned it into a meme material by placing the emote in several images and saying many different things.

How to pronounce Pepega?

Some people pronounce Pepega as Pepe-ga, peh-peu-ga, or the worst they do with it is pepu-ga, but the exact pronunciation of this legend is “peh-peyguh.”

How Pepega is Used?

The word Pepega is meant to express or proof that something or someone is stupid. It is also commonly accompanied by the slang pejorative to describe or proof that a person has a mental disability. Most of the time this slang word is used on the online streaming platform Twitch.

As per the Google trends, the word is growing in the gaming community over the last year. On 18 April 2018, Pepega got overnight fame through a Discord conversation where a user misspelt a meme’s Discord code by missing its second colon, which is apparently where the name is derived from. It was added to the FrankerFaceZ Twitch extension.

General Pepega Hate image or symbol

Pepega has a lot more to do with streamer Sebastian ‘Forsen’ Fors because his streaming channel was originally annoyed by addition of this emote to the channel’s slate of emotes. And as expected this led to viewers spamming the emote in his chat over and over again. Which resulted in a new version with a horn emoji added with the words “FOR SAN” typed after them, to indicate it was saying the streamer’s username in a stupid voice to tease or proof him stupid or retard.

With the recent Discord update, all users are now able to set their favourite images and gif as a Discord emote. Where Pepega is one of their all-time favourite emoji to use white chatting or teasing their friends.

If you are looking for the instructions to use Emotes and Gif in Discord, then you can read a brief guide to add and use Emotes in Discord on The Important eNews.


Many Pepe the frog memes are not discriminatory in nature. We should always keep in mind that a meme should be used only in context or to tease your friends. Posting a Pepega meme doesn’t mean that someone is a being racist or white supremacist.

However, any meme seems to be racist or anti-semitic or it appears that it contains some hateful language, discrimination or any symbol then it may have been used to show offensive purposes of someone’s heart.

In 2016, a campaign #SavePepe campaign was started by some volunteers along with the creator of Pepega, Matt Furie. The motive of the campaign was to reclaim or save pepega emote from those who use it with hateful intentions.

Sharing any meme material is good, and it can also make you cool (It is just another level of stupidity if you think you are cool if you share memes.) Sharing any meme is good until it makes others happy or laughs. But when you share any meme to play with someone’s sentiments or discriminate someone then it automatically become illegal. All over the globe, many countries follow strict rules against racists. You may have to spend years in jail for violating this rule.

So, whenever you share Pepe the frog meme or any other meme just remember that you are doing it just for fun and your intentions are not to hurt anyone.


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