We Are The Millers 2: Will There Be A We’re The Millers 2?

We are The Millers was a huge success, as evident from its $270 million box office collection. After this success, the fans cannot help but wonder if “We Are The Millers 2” is happening. We are The Millers was released back in 2013. Since then, it has been a long time. Many fans are even tired of waiting for a sequel to this crime comedy film. Thankfully, we have good news for all We are The Millers fans. What is it? Well, We are The Millers 2 is officially happening. 

We are The Millers 2 Is Happening

According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, New Line is moving forward with We are The Millers 2. However, the gap between the two movies is huge. Many fans gave up hope on the sequel. However, now it is confirmed that We are The Millers 2 is happening. Even though it took some time, the chances of a sequel happening were always high, considering the popularity of the first movie. 

What’s New About We are The Millers 2?

We have yet to learn much about We Are The Millers 2. However, we know that Adam Sztykiel will join the crew of We Are The Millers 2 as the new writer. Previously, he has written Due Date. 

Chris Bender and Vincent Newman are producing We Are The Millers 2. Also, Rawson Marshall Thurber will return as the director of the upcoming movie.

We are The Millers 2: Release Date

There is no release date yet. It is hard to guess the release date because only the movie’s writer and producers are confirmed. It is tough to guess the time the writer will take to write the script. However, once the ball starts rolling, we will have a better idea about the movie’s release date. 

We Are The Millers 2: Will There Be A We're The Millers 2?
We Are The Millers 2: Will There Be A We’re The Millers 2?

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There is a good chance that all the primary characters of the first movie will return for the sequel. If that is the case, one can expect the following names in the cast list:

  • Jason Sudeikis as David Clark 
  • Jennifer Aniston as Rose O’Reilly 
  • Emma Roberts as Casey Mathis 
  • Ed Helms as Brad Gurdinger
  • Will Poulter as Jenny Rossmore 

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Please note that none of these names is confirmed for the upcoming movie. We will update the section once the official list of cast members is announced. 


The writer has just come on board for the sequel. It means that there is no story or plot right now. Therefore, we do not have the plot to discuss. Considering the fact that the previous movie did not have any cliffhangers; We Are The Millers 2 will all be about an entirely new case. Once things start moving ahead, we will have a better idea about the storyline. Till then, remember to keep checking this post because we will update it as soon as an official synopsis of the movie is available. 


Even the script still needs to be written. The filming of We Are The Millers 2 is yet to begin. Therefore, there is no trailer for the movie yet. Remember to check this space for the movie trailer once it is out. 

Are you excited to know that the work for We are The Millers 2 has begun? Are you expecting the previous cast to return for the upcoming movie? Let us know in the comment section below.

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