Legend Tim Bachman Cause Of Death- Cancer or old age?

Do you know Tim Bachman cause of death is one of the most discussed topics on the internet right now? A Canadian guitarist and vocalist, Timothy Gregg Bachman, famous by the nickname or media name—Tim Bachman, died on Friday, April 28, 2023. Tim Bachman cause of death has left everyone in despair, as he endured quite a lot of pain throughout his disease. Moreover, born on August 1, 1951, he tried his luck in music and became one of the crucial members of his musical band, Bachman–Turner Override (BTO). Also, Brave Belt deserves credit for earning him fame and fortune in the entertainment world.

When one becomes a celebrity, people get attached emotionally to them. And they receive emotional trauma when their favorite media personality’s cause of death is as tragic as Tim Bachman’s! The music fraternity, fans, and people worldwide are curious to know Tim Bachman cause of death. So, without further ado, let’s look at Tim Bachman’s cause of death.

What Was Tim Bachman Cause of Death?

Tim Bachman Cause of Death
Tim Bachman Cause of Death

Tim Bachman cause of death was advanced-stage cancer that had spread all over his brain. The complications caused by cancer were irreversible, and the Brave Belt’s heart succumbed to his ailment at the age of 71. Furthermore, in a Facebook post, Paxton Bachman confirmed his father’s demise on Friday. He also made Tim Bachman cause of death public.

Paxton revealed that Tim, who played in Bachman–Turner Override from 1973 to 1974 and, a decade later, reunited with the group, went to live an eternal life following complications with cancer across his brain.

In addition, Pixton shared that his dad passed away that afternoon. He also thanked everyone for their kind words. He further wrote, “Grateful I got to spend some time with him at the end. Grab yer loved ones and hug em close, ya never know how long you have.” 

Howbeit, the BTO guitarist’s final words were, “I love you, Paxton; keep sharing the music,” his son said. Then he passed away. 

Moreover, Tim embraced death precisely three months after the passing of his brother and BTO co-founder Robbie Bachman. January is the month that marks Robbie’s end. He was 69 when he left the Bachmans in grief and turmoil.

More About Tim Bachman

Tim played the guitar for both BTO and Brave Belt. For the band’s pair of 1973 albums, Tim played the role of a guitarist. However, the album featured top-rated songs like “Let It Ride” and “Takin’ Care of Business.” Besides, he left the group briefly, and Blair Thornton served in his place. In 1984, he came back for a reunion tour. Years passed, and he started to work as a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, in 2013, accusations of sexual misconduct involving a former foster kid were hurled at Tim; however, he was not found guilty. Later, in 2014, Bachman l was again charged with sexual misconduct arising from events that allegedly occurred in the 1990s, according to police records. It was the same year when BachmanTurner Overdrive was admitted gracefully into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. Surprisingly, the charges against him were removed the following year without much explanation, and the case was shut down.

Randy Bachman’s Tribute to His Deceased Brother

Bachman’s brother and bandmate, Randy Bachman, paid tribute to his late brother by saying that his heart has been heavy since Tim left them. Also, he tweeted that he (Randy) was the last of his family on that side, with all the memories of their lives growing up in Winnipeg, Canada. And he was so grateful for that. Randy was confident their parents welcomed Tim, his beloved brother, home with his two other brothers, who had passed quickly since the pandemic. He was the oldest. “Rest in peace, Timmy, with Mummy, Daddy, Gary, and Robbie.” 

Lastly, Tim Bachman’s cause of death has given severe pain to his admirers, but Tim’s ardent fans will cherish his dedication to his craft and his efficiency in bringing people closer through his music for years to come. Indeed, several aspiring musicians have taken inspiration from his masterwork.

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