EntertainmentTiger King Season 2 Release Date News Updates

Tiger King Season 2 Release Date News Updates

Tiger King has been one of the most eye-opening TV shows of 2020 that showed us the reality of Big Cat conservationists, private zoos, and animal sanctuaries. The first of these may seem like safe havens for big cats, but are they really? Featuring the story of an eccentric zoo owner, Joe Exotic, and his nemesis, Carole Baskins, Tiger King has gained immense popularity among people living worldwide. But was the first season the end of this true-crime documentary? Or will there be a second season that will unravel more secrets regarding Big Cats and their conservation? Keep on reading to find out the latest information regarding Tiger King Season 2. 

What is the plot of Tiger King? 

What happens when a feud between a private zoo owner and an animal conservationist goes to the next level? Secrets are unraveled, lives are threatened, and crimes are committed. When Tiger King- Joe Exotic gets into a fight with Carole Baskins- an animal rights activist, both go to extreme measures to prove themselves right. On the one hand, Baskins claims to care for big cats and stop their exploitative trade, while on the other hand, Exotic claims that she is just another zookeeper! The authorities get involved as the two threaten each other and make some serious accusations.

In the end, it turns out that Exotic is in the wrong, and he is imprisoned for hiring an assassin to murder Baskins and violating animal acts, including the Endangered Species Act. Apart from this, Exotic’s personal life is also given much attention, including his three-way same-sex marriage, his future husband, and his unsuccessful run for President of the US and Governor of Oklahoma. All in all, the series really depicts how big cats, including lions, tigers, and leopards, are abused and exploited by society.

Tiger King Season 2

Who are the main characters in Tiger King Season 2?

The main characters of Tiger King include 

  • Joe Exotic- The owner of a private zoo who ends up going to jail
  • Carole Baskin- The director of Big Cat Rescue who wants to ban people from owning big cats
  • Bhagavan Antle- Another private zoo owner who only hires women employees and indulges in rendezvous’ with them
  • Jeff Lowe- A playboy who uses big cats to attract women and ends up getting ownership of Exotic’s zoo 
  • Mario Tabraue- A Wildlife Reserve owner with a pretty messed up story (and some pretty messed up crimes) 

Where can I watch Tiger King Season 2? 

Tiger King is available for download and streaming on Netflix in premium quality and subtitles and dubbed versions. The series has gotten a whopping 64 million views from people worldwide! 

Will there be a second season? 

After its release in 2020, Tiger King became an absolute favorite among viewers. It received praises and acclaims from critics globally. Fortunately for fans, the series may have been renewed for another season! In fact, stars have even officially tweeted about the second season as they took to Twitter quite recently and asked fans to be on the lookout for a second season. However, there has been no official announcement regarding the second season from the producers or Netflix. 

What is the release date of Tiger King Season 2?

We do not have any updates on the release date of Tiger King Season 2. It may get released in 2021 itself. However, the pandemic may make this a little hard, but in all honesty, our guess is just as good as yours! All we pray is that the series makes it back to our screens as soon as possible! 

What will happen in Season 2?

Season 2 will mainly deal with the aftermath of Exotic’s imprisonment. Will he appear in the second season through phone calls? Will he be able to clear his name? Only time will tell. And what about Baskins? Now that Exotic is behind bars, will she even appear in the second season? We are all super curious to learn about her role in the second season. 

Final Verdict

Although it is doubtful for true crime documentaries to get a sequel, Tiger King is an exception with such a gripping plot. Fans can’t help but want more. We really hope to get an official announcement and release date as early as possible because this shows that we can’t wait to learn more about it.