The Walking Dead Season 11B: Maggie Sees (Blood) Red — 2022 First Look

Welcome back Fam! Today we have some amazing updates for all the lovers of the famous show The Walking Dead. If you look at the recently released sneak peek picture of the entire season’s release then you will know it all. 

And if you are yet to watch it then just hurry.  We could very well notice in the picture that Maggie must have survived the Reapers’ launch. After the death of the head of the group hwacha, things got all messy. Even though she was all scarred, blood-spattered, and even had weapons along with the bow and arrow. And the things are more likely to get a lot interesting.

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If we remember, at the end of the last season, Leah murdered her chief Pope. Then he allowed traitorous ex Daryl slip go while having some intentions at his close friend, Maggie. Meanwhile,  in Alexandria, a violent storm raged and that made all the residents stay at their homes.

Along with it Gracie and Judith found themselves stuck in a basement with the zombies above them and all the water of the flood below.

The Walking Dead is all set to premiere its last season on August 2022 AMC. This season consists of a total of 8 episodes. This show has planned to release more than 16 episodes divided into 8 each. It is more likely to be releasing the first 8 in winter or spring 2022 and the other half in summer 2022.

First Photos of the Walking Dead’s Reveal Some Hints for the Final Season

As mentioned by Angela Kang earlier on EW that after such a low rating of 10th season because of coronavirus, they are expecting the 11th season to be back with a lot more excitement and have very high hopes from it.

Kang even mentioned that there are going to be a lot more zombies and also promised there would be a lot of action and fun that we had never seen. 

The Walking Dead Season 11B
The Walking Dead Season 11B

The images revealed from the show showed us that Rosita (Christian Serratos), Carol (Melissa McBride), Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and Lydia (Cassady McClincy) were seen fighting against the zombies as officers of the military in a camouflage outfit. 

Another image had a wider shot of the hangar where our fighter gang was seen going after the zombies. Along with that, the image showed a lot of show drums, fuel containers, and other equipment. So much shown in the images had created a level of curiosity among the fans and they just can’t way for the upcoming season.

What Shall We Expect From the Final Season of “the Walking Dead Season”?

As we have seen the 10th season ended with Negan sharing about his sad past with Lucille and did not wish to be left alone in the zombie land all alone now when MAggie is back. Thus he went to  Alexandria and showed his grin showing that he would like to stay there with them.

Or at least this is what we thought from the end of the show. Furthermore as pointed out by EW he said that no one knows actually what’s going on in Negan’s mind.

Even though Negan is putting all his efforts into the war while giving us a sneak peek about the 11th season. Kang also added that all the tensions between the widow of the head of the zombie and the ex-Savior are over for a long time.

However, as promised by Kang we might see that a big story between Negan and Maggie. He further added that it will be a lot fascinating as both of them are very good with each other and has a great story 

However, we have to wait till August to know what happens next in the show. Till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates about the show and your favorite characters.

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