The Silent Sea Trailer Previews Terrifying Moon Mission in Netflix K-drama

Welcome back Fam! Today we are here to share about the sci-fi mystery thriller and everything we probably know till now about it. This all-new K drama of Netflix has a group of astronauts working against some unknown threat which is a lot deadly than imagined.

This group is handling this at a research facility on the Moon. This series is named The Silent Sea, and with such an interesting teaser we are looking forward to be watching this series.

Recently Netflix has released the first teaser trailer for this all-new sci-fi mystery thriller, The Silent Sea. The plot of the series is all set in the year 2075, which shows a group of astronauts had been sent for a mission to the moon.

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Their main mission was to find out a mysterious sample that had been lost in a research base in Korea. This sample has a lot of secrets that have the potential to decrease all the natural resources on earth.

However, just before the astronauts were about to complete this mission on the moon all the things took a very dangerous turn. And this story is completely based on the way the director Choi Hang-Yong portrays it to be.

The cast of the Silent Sea stars is similar to that of Squid Game to some extent. As we will be seeing the main lead Gong Yoo also as the lead character in this series as Han Yoon-Jae. Along with him, Bae Doona of Kingdom will be acting as the astrobiologist Doctor Song Ji-an.

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As of now, only, the first teaser trailer has been premiered by Netflix for The Silent Sea. As Netflix shared it along with a tagline as terror both at home and in space. The trailer starts with a gloomy shot in a distant city on Earth.

Alongside it was even confirmed by all the departments that the world’s water will be completely reduced by 40%. And to further hide the fact and show how horrified the situation is the entire group keeps on with the mission to save the earth.

The Silent Sea
The Silent Sea

And the focus shifts directly to a group of astronauts’ missions traveling to the Moon in order to find the solution to this devastating problem. And within no time things got worse when the group found out that something is not right with the department up above.

Further on all their suspicions will be confirmed as they found their corridors filled with the bodies and it is provided that something or someone suspicious is there with them in the station.

The Silent Sea is yet added on to much more Netflix’s interest as they are trying to bring K-dramas and involve them much more in the Western market. And with a series of so much success with all the series such as Squid Game or Hellbound.

As Squid Game has become one of the most successful series ever run. And after watching the trailer of The Silent Sea, it is clear that Netflix has one more winner in their hands. And all thanks to such a good cast, big-budgeted sets, and such an interesting premise.

And if Netflix can actually handle this successful story well we have to wait and see till The Silent Sea starts playing on Netflix this 24th December.

Till then stay tuned with us for such amazing updates about all your favorite series and movies and your favorite stars.

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