The Kominsky Method Season 3 is Coming to Netflix on May 28


It’s time for Sandy’s journey to come to an end, and we have all the details regarding it. The Kominsky Method is returning one last time for a final season, aka Kominsky Method Season 3, that is bound to blow your minds away. This season will be a slightly different season from the previous two seasons, as you will get to see how the tale of Sandy Kominsky concludes without the help of his lifelong partner, Norman Newlander.

The Kominsky Method Plot

The show revolves around Sandy and his best friend Norman, who accompanies him throughout his journey. The viewers get to experience numerous emotions such as joy, grief, heartbreak, excitement, and much more, along with Sandy, whose life is no less than a roller coaster ride.

Recap of Season 1

In the first season of The Kominsky Method, the main characters and cameos came from some celebrity stars. The result was a hit show.

Sandy had a relationship once again with Lisa, who was one of the students. Meanwhile, Norman loses the love of his life, aka his wife Eileen, as she has cancer. But that’s not it! Norman is also left alone to deal with his drug-addicted daughter Phoebe. The season finally ends with the mental collapse of Norman. Sandy then joins him to console him and share with him his titular acting techniques.

The Kominsky Method Season 3

Recap of Season 2

In the second season of the Kominsky method, Sandy loses control of the school and his life. This is mainly because he gets diagnosed with cancer. His decision to keep this secret hurts his ties with Mindy and Lisa (who shares with him numerous fiery moments). 

Norman, on the other hand,  sees an old flame in Madelyn. At the same time, he is also trying to get over his dead wife. Furthermore, Phoebe comes back and starts to restore her life. The season ultimately ends with a visit from Sandy to Norman. However, Sandy isn’t alone and is accompanied by several scientists searching for Norman’s grandson, Robby.

What to expect in Season 3?

We have watched about the prostate crisis, depression, addiction, young actors who aspire, the later-life story, the family drama, and friendship in the previous seasons. But, this season will be much greater. In fact, it will probably be the best of the three. So, get ready for some exciting plot twists that you probably didn’t expect as well.

Sandy has to navigate this phase of his life in Season 3 without Norman by his side. Unfortunately, it seems as if Norman might pass away. 

In addition to this, Sandy’s ex-wife Roz Volande might come back, and she will make Sandy’s life more difficult. She will probably live with Sandy and her daughter Mindy and boyfriend Martin in an attempt to disrupt Sandy’s life.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Release date

The Kominsky Method came up with its first-ever season on Netflix in Season One, arriving on Netflix in November 2018. Then in October 2019 came Season 2, which was equally great.

And it is now time for the final showtime, i.e., The show is coming one last time, with its last season airing on Friday, the 28th of May, 2021, for six episodes. So, this season clearly has fewer episodes.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Filming

Chuck Lorre, who manages Al Higgins and Douglas, developed the fun series The Kominsky Method. The series is produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Television by Chuck Lorre Prods. Unfortunately, owing to the pandemic situation, which also managed to stop several Netflix productions, there were many limitations when this series was renovated for shooting. In July, Lorre hoped that his shows would return with other shows at Netflix in autumn 2020. But alas, this was next to impossible due to the lockdown.

However, shooting once again began for the third and last season in Los Angeles and California in November 2020. But it was kept a secret and was only confirmed in December 2020.

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Trailer

The season 3 trailer for The Kominsky Method revealed by Netflix teases the final chapter, including the death of Norman Newlands.

While the trailer reveals no particular information about how Norman died, Sandy and his closest friends tease scenes at the agent’s funeral. As some of the characters of the Kominsky Method wonder what contributed to the death of Norman, we, along with many fans, are wondering pretty much the same. 

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Cast

The fun and loving cast of the comedy show will appear together for one last season. The biggest change in this coming season is Alan Arkin, whose exit was confirmed by the end of September 2020. This decision of his was taken long ago but6 was revealed much later on. Thankfully, the writers have something great in mind to highlight his departure and make the show go on.

All the cast members that will be in the movie include:

  • Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky
  • Alan Arkin as Norman Newlander (just a couple of flashbacks and glimpses)
  • Sarah Baker as Sandy’s daughter Mindy
  • Nancy Travis as Lisa
  • Lisa Edelstein as Norman’s estranged daughter
  • Kathleen Turner as Roz Volander
  • Paul Reiser as Mindy’s boyfriend

The Kominsky Method Season 3 Episodes

Season 3 of The Kominsky Method consists of six episodes covering numerous events, including money, death, love, assassination, and dreams. These are lesser than the eight episodes that were #present in both seasons 1 and 2.

The Kominsky Method Awards 

It’s time to recall the many achievements of this hit series before its final season airs. Its first season received an AFI Award as it was the Top 10 TV Programs of the Year. It also helped Doughlas win a Golden Globe for Best Actor. But that’s not all, as the show also won a Golden Globe for Best Television Series. This series has also been nominated for Emmys 2020 with different categories, such as Best Comedy, Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, and Best Actor in a Comedy. The show’s second season was an equal hit and got nominated for three Golden Globe categories.

With a heavy heart, we will all have to bid goodbye to the show very soon. So, if you want to say a proper farewell, it’s now time to begin rewatching the series and perfectly refresh your memories so that you can enjoy Season 3 even more.

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