The Haunted season 3 Will Release in May 2021

The superhit American paranormal show ‘The Haunted’ is coming back to Netflix with Season 3 soon. Currently, it is a production of Amblin Television and Paramount Television, but Netflix has its distribution. This horror television series focuses on paranormal activities by individuals. The story of this series is based on supernatural events that happened to real people in their lives.

This pseudo-documentary has two seasons until now. The first one was released in October 2018, consisting of 6 episodes. Its name was The Haunting of Hill House. The second season of Haunting was named ‘Haunting of Bly Manor’ it premiered in October 2020. This season had nine episodes in total.

After the release of this chapter, Flanagan tweeted that this is the last season of “The Haunted.” But later, they change the decision, and news of chapter 3’s release was made public.

Format of The Haunted season 3

Since ‘The Haunted’ is an anthology series, it has different storytellers and testimonials in each episode. Real-life people talk about stories and their experiences, and viewers can see glimpses of the storytellers and witness the events they faced. Every episode is based on real-life incidents of people sharing their stories and individuals supporting those events. In this show, the creators recreate supernatural events. Its purpose is to provide a good visualization to its viewers.

The Haunted season 3

Release Date of The Haunted season 3

The viewers who have watched the previous documentaries are excited about releasing another thrilling and horror follow-up story, i.e., the Haunted Season 3. Its release date is going to be around the mid of May 2021. This season will consist of six episodes like the first season.


Just like the previous seasons, the new chapter will show independent stories from one another. This signals for new cast members with their own paranormal experiences. We will see fresh faces in every episode, so it isn’t easy to know the exact cast members beforehand. But still, we expect that many of the previous chapters’ cast members will be returning to the show. One of them is Flanagan’s real-life wife, Kate Siegel.

Filming of the Show

There is a great responsibility for the show producers to make the viewers feel the paranormal presence. The production team used special lighting and sound effects to do justice to the actual storytellers. Makeup techniques on different cast members are also an important part of the filming. The use of horror effects like shadows and silhouette intensifies the feeling of fear. They also create a sense of mystery and suspense.


Every time “The Haunted” brings us a new line of stories that are spine-curdling. Evil spirits, demons, serial killers, and even aliens are part of the show as supernatural bodies. People think that will connect the coming season and previous stories to the coming season. The show has told different stories before. They are ranging from inhumane creatures attacking people to dead spirits lurking around the place. Viewers take an interest in watching true stories of animal hauntings and paranormal spirits.

This show is top-rated among people who crave to watch horror stories as Netflix claims that these stories are real, so its viewers also relate to the show. People can link stories to their real-life events, and they can feel the pattern of incidents in the show. Hence, no doubt fans are waiting impatiently for the new season.


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