The Defeated Latest Michael C. Hall and Taylor Kitsch Drop Already A Hit

Michael C. Hall and Taylor Kitsch have just dropped their Netflix show, The Defeated, and it’s already a hit! The show’s first season debuted on Netflix just a few days ago and it has broken several records and gained a fan following of millions in no time! The plot of this crime drama series follows the story of an American cop named Max McLaughlin who travels to Germany to bring peace back to this post-war country. It is full of heart-wrenching emotions, exciting plot twists, and chaotic conspiracies. Obviously, with Season 1 being such a huge hit, viewers are excited to know about the future of the Defeated. Will there be a second season? Or has the series come to an end with only one season? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about the Defeated Season 2

The Defeated Season 2 Release Date

The Defeated is a German show and debuted in its home country on October 30, 2020. After almost a year, the show was also released on Netflix in August 2021. 

Fortunately for fans, they won’t have to wait for too long to watch The Defeated Season 2. Creator Mãns Mårlind announced before the release of the first season that The Defeated will be a two-season series! He further added that the story will be equally split between the two seasons. 

Filming for the second season began in 2020 in Prague. However, it is still not complete and is currently in progress. Hence, the producers have not announced an official release date as of yet. 

If we look at the release date pattern of season 1, we can make an informed prediction of Season 2’s release date. Season 1 was released almost a whole year after its filming was complete. This is because a lot of post-production work needed to be done. The same will be true for season 2 and it will be released one year after its filming is complete. If filming wraps up by 2021, The Defeated Season 2 will air somewhere between late 2022 and mid-2023. 

The Defeated Season 2 Cast

The whole main cast will be returning for Season 2 including:

  • Taylor Kitsch- Max McLaughlin- The lead character is an NYPD Policeman. He travels to Berlin to help establish order there while also looking for his brother.
  • Logan Marshall Green- Moritz- Max’s estranged brother 
  • Michael C. Hall- Tom Franklin- Max’s fellow cop who gets kidnapped by Moritz. 
  • Tuppence Middleton- Claire Franklin- Max’s love interest. 
  • Nina Hoss-Elsie Garten- A linguistics teacher who joins the police. She is also Leopold’s love interest. 
  • Benjamin Sadler- Leopold Gartena- Elsie’s husband who was thought to be dead. However, he was being held captive by the Russians. 
  • Ivan G’Vera -Alexander Izosimov- A Russian Military Officer. 
  • Mala Emde-Karin Mann- An alleged murderer who has killed two American soldiers as well as a homeless girl. 
  • Maximilian Ehrenreich-Gad- A police officer who is a part of Elsie’s police force. 
  • Sebastian Koch- Dr. Werner ‘Engelmacher’ Gladow- He is a doctor who helps women who in return join his army. He plans a destructive attack on the police station by planting a bomb there. 


In the first season’s finale, we saw Max shoot his brother Moritz. However, he survives and escapes. We also see Leopold getting released by the Russians. He reunites with his decades-old love Elsie. Additionally, Gladow and Karin are caught by the police. Gladow remains in custody but the police have to let Karin go due to lack of evidence.

The Defeated

Season 2 will pick up the story from here. It will feature lots of love stories including that of Max and Claire and Leopold and Elsie. It will also deal with a lot of drama. Moritz will return to inflict his wrath upon the Nazis who took everything from him. Will the two brothers meet again? Will they end up killing each other again? Or will they manage to let bygones go? 

Gladow and Karin will also be a major part of Season 2’s plot. How will Gladow escape from prison? Will Karin help him or will the police capture him as well?

The Defeated Season 2 Trailer

Since filming is not complete as of yet, there is no trailer for Season 2. However, once it is complete by the end of this year, the producers will probably release a trailer in early 2022. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Trude and Marriane return for Season 2? 

Unfortunately, the Defeated does not feature flashbacks of dead characters so we probably won’t get to see Trude and Marriane in Season 2. 

How many episodes will Season 2 have?

Season 2 of the Defeated will have eight episodes just like Season 1. 

Will the second season premiere on Netflix?

Season 2 will eventually come to Netflix. However, it will initially be released on the ZDF channel in Germany.

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