The Defeated Season 2 Renewed?

The Defeated has just debuted on Netflix and it has already stolen the hearts of millions of people worldwide! The crime drama TV series features Mac McLaughlin, an American cop, who goes all the way to Berlin to help the police force. He also has a hidden agenda; to find his long-lost brother who turns out to be a criminal! The plot is chaotic and full of jaw-dropping plot twists, the production is phenomenal and the characters are intriguing. With Season 1 being an absolute hit, fans are curious to know about Season 2 of the Defeated. Will there even be a second season? What will its plot be? Who will be returning to star in the show? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about The Defeated Season 2. 

The Defeated Season 2 Release Date

The Defeated Debuted on Germany’s ZDF channel in October 2020. It took almost a year but the series was finally released on Netflix a few days ago! 

As far as the second season is concerned, fans should gear up and get ready! The creator of the series Måns Mårlind has officially announced the renewal of the series for a second season. In fact, he made this announcement even before the first season debuted! Mårlind has confirmed that the story of the Defeated is split into two eight-episode seasons. Unfortunately, this means that there are almost no chances of fans getting a third season. 

The release date of the second season has not been announced as of yet. However, based on the release pattern of Season 1, we can predict that it will air sometime in late 2022 or early 2023. 

Although filming for The Defeated Season 2 began in 2020, it isn’t complete. This is because of pandemic-related delays. However, filming will hopefully wrap up by late 2021 so we can see brand new episodes of our favorite TV series. 

The Defeated Season 2 Cast

Cast for Season 2 of the Defeated will feature the following stars:

  • Taylor Kitsch plays the lead role of Max McLaughlin. He is the NYPD Policeman who moves to Berlin to work in the police force there. 
  • Logan Marshall Green playing the role of Max’s brother Moritz. He is high on vengeance and kills several of the Nazis in Germany. 
  • Michael C. Hall playing the role of Max’s head Tom Franklin. Tom gets kidnapped by Moritz but Max manages to save him in time. 
  • Tuppence Middleton playing the role of Max’s lover Claire Franklin. 
  • Nina Hoss plays the role of Elsie Garten who plays an important role in the Berlin Police Force. 
  • Benjamin Sadler playing the role of Leopold Garten aka Elsie’s lost husband. He is taken as a prisoner by the Russian government but manages to get bail. 
  • Mala Emde plays the role of an alleged murderer called Karin Mann. 
  • Ivan G’Vera plays the role of a Russian military officer Alexander Izosimov. 
  • Maximilian Ehrenreich plays the role of Gad who is one of the policemans working under Elsie. 
  • Sebastian Koch playing the role of one of the series major antagonists- Dr. Werner ‘Engelmacher’ Gladow. He hates the Berlin police department and even attacks it using his team of recruited female prostitutes. 


Season one ended with Max shooting Moritz who manages to survive somehow. Moritz will play a major role in season 2 as well. How many more Nazis will he kill? Will things between him and Max get better? Will the police catch and torture him? 

The Defeated Season 2

Additionally, Season 2 plot will also deal with Max and Claire’s love life. Now that Leopold and Elsie are also back together, we will see a lot of their relationship. Plus, chances are that Elsie is working undercover for the Russians who were responsible for holding Leopold captive. How will Leopold react to his wife’s fraternizing with his torturers? Will this cause a major rift between them too? 

Gladow and Karin will be among Season 2’s major subjects. Gladow gets caught by the police and he will suffer at their hands. However, Karin manages to find a way out as the police can’t find any solid evidence against him. What will Karin do next? Will, he let Gladow rot in prison? Or will he risk his own imprisonment to save his friend? 

The Defeated Season 2 Trailer

Once filming for Season 2 is complete, the producers will release a trailer. This will obviously take some time and hence, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up to see a trailer soon.


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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