The Circle Season 3- Everything We Know So Far

Get a chance to be whoever you want, even change your gender or age, likes, and dislikes, especially once you are a part of The Circle. The reality tv show lets participants choose any identity of their choice, perform tasks, make friends, vote, and then if they are lucky, survive a vote out. The Circle Season 3 was renewed along with season 2. And now, since season 2 has come to an end in April. Viewers are wondering when they will get a chance to watch The Circle season 3.

The Circle Season 3 Release Date

The release date for season 3 isn’t very far. Although the much-awaited new season isn’t releasing in summer 2021, it will be out by fall 2021. And just like the previous 2 seasons, the reality show will premiere on Netflix.

What makes this show different from other Netflix shows is that it releases new episodes the traditional way i.e. every week. Also, the show is a blend of Catfish and Big brothers. It allows participants to connect with viewers while trying to make the rest of their players their friends (mostly just to get their votes and be on top of the pyramid as influencers).

In addition to this, we have another good news for Circle fans. The show has been renewed for seasons 4 and 5. Moreover, you can be a part of it since applications are being accepted for it now.

The Circle Season 3 Cast

One great part of the show is that you’ll get to know the cast once the episodes begin airing. This clearly means everything is done under a lot of confidentiality making the show even much more anticipated. The only confirmed cast member we have up till now is the host i.e. Michelle Buteau. Once we find out about all the other participants, we’ll be sure to update this section.


The Circle Season 3

The only thing we know is that filming has wrapped up. But, no trailer has been released yet. Furthermore, viewers shouldn’t expect it so soon either. It will probably be out sometime before the first episode of season 3 airs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is The Circle filmed?

The Circle is filmed in the UK. The shooting happens in a building where all participants are given an apartment of their own. The participants live here throughout their journey until they are voted out or the finale happens, whichever comes first.

How can you apply for The Circle?

Anyone who is of the age of 18 and above and living in Canada, the US, the UK, and Ireland can apply for the reality tv show. Although season 3 has ended filming, you can apply for seasons 4 and 5. Netflix has released a new website for applicants to apply. And the casting will definitely be done from there.

If you are willing to apply, visit for more details.

What is the prize?

From getting a chance to be popular to winning a grand prize of $100,000, it makes sense why someone would opt for the show.



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