The Bad Guys- Will it Be Out This Year?

DreamWorks Animation is about to release one of its greatest movies of all time, and fans couldn’t be more excited! This new animated movie titled the Bad Guys will feature spectacular heists, stomach hurting comedy, and jaw-dropping plot twists. It is based on the book of the same name, which has sold over 8 million copies! The movie was announced for production a few years back, but it still hasn’t premiered. Thus, fans are curious to know about more updates on the movie. When will it be released? What is causing all the delays? Has it even begun production? Keep on reading to find out the answers to all your questions about The Bad Guys, including its release date, plot, and cast. 

The Bad Guys Release Date

DreamWorks announced the production of “The Bad Guys” three years ago in 2018. The producers didn’t reveal any major details about the upcoming movie except that it will be based on the book of the same name written by Aaron Blabey. The screenplay writer was also announced to be Etan Cohen, who has written several hits in the past, including Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Tropic Thunder, and many more. 

In 2020, DreamWorks revealed the release date for The Bad Guys to be somewhere in 2021. However, because of pandemic-related delays, the movie could not be filmed in time. Thus, the release date was pushed back to 2022. Now, DreamWorks has officially announced that The Bad Guys will premiere on April 15, 2022. Because we have been given an exact release date, it is doubtful that there will be any more delays.

The Bad Guys


According to the producers,” the animated project will have a similar twist on the heist genre that ‘Shrek’ did on fairy tales, and what ‘Kung Fu Panda’ did for the kung fu genre.” The movie will basically feature five criminal anthropomorphic animals, namely Mr. Piranha, Ms. Tarantula, Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, and Mr. Shark, who love to plan and commit successful heists. However, they decide to leave behind their criminal lives and do something for the greater good of everyone. We don’t know what mastermind plan they’ll come up with to benefit everyone around them, but we’re sure it will be one hell of a challenging mission. How will these five notorious bad boys leave behind a life of crime to become the good guys? Will they be successful? Or will they go back to their true nature and continue committing heists? 

As of yet, we don’t have a lot of details about the plot of The Bad Guys, but as the release date comes closer, the producers will reveal more information.

The Bad Guys Cast

The voice cast crew for The Bad Guys includes 

  • Awkwafina voicing Ms. Tarantula 
  • Sam Rockwell voicing Mr. Wolf 
  • Anthony Ramos voicing Mr. Piranha 
  • Marc Maron voicing Mr. Snake 
  • Craig Robinson voicing Mr. Shark 
  • Zazie Beetz voicing Diane Foxington 
  • Alex Borstein voicing Chief of Police 
  • Richard Ayoade voicing Professor Marmalade 
  • Lilly Singh voicing TMZ Reporter 

The Bad Guys Trailer

As of December 2020, production and filming for the Bad Guys have begun. Once filming is complete, we will get a trailer which will probably take a few more months.


Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline is Entertainment Reporter at OSN.

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