Texas Woman Busts Credit Card Skimmer

Texas Woman Busts Credit Card Skimmer
Texas Woman Busts Credit Card Skimmer

A video of a Texas woman busting a credit card skimmer has gone viral on TikTok. Later NBC news identified the woman as Morgan Chesky. She discussed how she was able to detect the scam. The scam took place inside a convenience store near Medical City McKinney. Once she discovered the scam, she recorded it and shared the same on the social media platform.

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She came to know something was wrong when she tried to purchase a bag of chips and was informed that she did not have any money. Later she called her bank only to be informed that her account was wiped clean. The bank statement showed different purchases made in Walmart in Houston and Katy, and she realized that something was wrong.

She only recalled making a purchase at 7-eleven near Medical Center Drive. Later, she recalled that the cashier behaved weirdly and was obsessed with the placement of her pen, and she could not get it out of her head. Then, she remembered a case of a credit card skimmer in Los Angeles and decided to visit the store again to inspect the card readers.

When she inspected the card reader, she noticed that she was offered a card reader that was bulkier on the side and was not flat like the normal card reader. She then lifted the card reader, and it came up.

After the credit card skimmer was discovered, the McKinney Police have started an investigation on the same. Skimmers refer to devices that the criminals generally placed over the credit card readers in order to collect the credit card numbers, which can later be used for spending the money of the victim. Carla Marion Reeves, spokeswoman for McKinney Police Department has announced that the skimmer is currently being forensically examined. It is not currently known about the charges that have been levelled against the criminal.

After the video went viral, another victim came forward to narrate the tale. It is now advised that while using an ATM or making a purchase, the customer should try to lift the credit card reader to check whether a skimmer is being used or not. After the video went viral, 7-Eleven made an online statement stating that they take the allegations involving the card skimmers very seriously. Further, it was said that they regularly check the card reader and cooperate with the law enforcement closely related to all the investigations. They further dropped a helpline number for the customers who believed that they were victims of this scam.

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