Tesla Cybertruck is Delayed Till 2023 Elon Musk Confirmed

It’s genuine, and the gossips were correct: the Tesla Cybertruck has indeed been postponed and will not be available this year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk clarified this during the automaker’s Q4 2021 earnings announcement.

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The Cybertruck has already been postponed once before, with the all-electric vehicle originally expected to launch late the year before. According to the latest Reuters report, the truck’s official launch date has been knocked back from its fresh late 2022 initial launch date to 2023.

We now know that the analysis was correct, which means that Tesla will not release any new vehicles this year. Tesla has not yet clarified a new Cybertruck launch date.

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What is the problem? It appears that we can once again keep blaming the currently underway supply problems. As per Elon Musk, the release of a new car necessitates a significant investment in resources, and distribution channels limit getting to those assets tough.

Currently, a new release would require Tesla to forego growth in both manufacturing and supply in order to start up the Cybertruck. Musk also highlighted that the main product he’s working on this year isn’t a car, but the robot manipulator Optimus, which he previewed last year.

Tesla has been experiencing difficulties trying to fill orders for certain styles. If you choose the tiny 19-inch wheels — which are lower in price and offer more range — the entry-level Model 3 is expected to arrive in October. In the meantime, the Model Y Long Range is expected to arrive in December in the same setup.

Anyone looking for a Model X will have to wait for at least October, and even then, you’ll have to settle for the $126,495 Model X Plaid. The basic model will not be available until January 2023, regardless of arrangement.

In other phrases, Tesla could benefit from increasing its manufacturing capacity, particularly since all of the big manufacturers are doing almost the same with their own electric vehicles. Ford has pledged to nearly double F-150 Spark manufacturing within the next year, while Rivian R1T manufacturing has now reached 200 units per week, with the goal of reaching 150,000 EVs per year by the end of 2023.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

Musk also stated that he sincerely hopes Tesla will still release a minimum of one vehicle in 2023. Given the Tesla CEO’s optimism for the Cybertruck and the assertion that designs by now exist, the truck is most likely still the next one in line.

Tesla previously stated that the project on the Cybertruck would start after Model Y production started at the Texas Gigafactory, which Musk claims started in late last year. That’s one less roadblock for the Cybertruck. Musk first revealed the futuristic Tesla Cybertruck electric pickup truck in late 2019, promising that manufacturing would begin in 2021. Like all Tesla car models, the launch date was pushed back last year. The Tesla Cybertruck’s 1st models were expected to be available later this year.

Musk announced on Twitter on Tuesday that he was driving a Cybertruck. Released to the public photos and video show several significant new characteristics in the Cybertruck’s design, along with a pair of outer mirrors. Their somewhat more customary style is remarkable, as one would expect Tesla to try to effectively incorporate them into the bodywork design.

Another notable feature visible in the Cybertruck photos is the existence of a large single windscreen wiper blade capable of covering the entire layer of the enforcing windshield.

We also notice that the detachable door handles (as seen on the Model S) have vanished. Tesla appears to have decided to delete them and consider replacing them with an automatic opening system that activates when the driver reaches.

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