Take your Teacher Back to 90s in Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are the blessing and a foster parent to a child. There is always a time when a child starts to idealise his/her teacher due to their affectionate behaviour. Though the teacher holds so much contribution in upbringing the child they do not need a special “Teacher Appreciation Week”. Every day, 365 days in a year must be Teacher Appreciation Days. However, the new generation has its own ways to celebrate and dedicate a particular day and a particular week to their loved ones. To make the celebration more interesting we decided to celebrate Teacher Appreciate Week like your teachers used to celebrate at their time in the 90’s.

7 Ways to Celebrate Appreciation Week of Teachers like a 90s Student

Do you want to surprise your teacher with something interesting which teacher used to do themselves when they celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week in the 90s? Here we have compiled seven ways to celebrate this appreciation week of teachers which will remind them of their childhood.

1. Craft a Card Letter for Appreciation Week

Crafting a card letter was a very famous way to show affection to their teachers. In past, student use to cut paper sheets from a large chart paper and make a card in many beautiful ways with the help of ribbons, scissor paper cutting technique and making flowers out of crepe papers. They used to draw wonderful love expressing pictures along with some poems written on it. This was one of the most common ways to express their love for Teacher Appreciation Week. Here are some vintage examples of crafting a card:

2. Choosing the Gift for Teachers

Giving gifts is an evergreen way of expressing the love to your loved ones whether they are your family, friends or teacher. In past students give different sort of gifts to their teacher depending on what interest their teacher. For example, Students who were study geeks used to give expensive pen, newly published books and latest types of vinyl as a gift to their teachers on Teacher Appreciation Weeks, which were celebrated decades ago. These gift ideas can be adapted in 2020, which will amuse your teacher.

3. Bringing Teacher’s Favourite Food

In past, during the Teacher’s Appreciation Week, a feast was celebrated during this week. During the feast, all students used to bring homemade foods. Most of the students used to take that opportunity and bring their teacher’s favourite food to show their love. Teachers upon realising that their students have brought the food they love to eat. They show joyfulness towards their students. Nowadays, during these COVID-19, it is impossible to have a feast party in school this week. However, still, there are other ways to celebrate Teacher’s Appreciation Week during COVID-19.

4. Presenting a Memorable Diary

The teacher tends to change when you promote to your new class. Crafting and drawing a beautiful diary made of ribbons and different colour papers is another way to tribute teachers on Teacher Appreciation Week. But the point here arises what to write in a memorable diary? As the name suggests, some happy memories and writing those wonderful memories which you shared with your teachers is a great way to express your love towards teachers. This is not only restricted to individual memories but a group of girls and boys can write different memories in one booklet and present it to their teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Week

5. Self Drew Painting and Sketches of Teachers

In every class, there are some bright students who are a wonderful artist. So, being a good painter they draw some special drawings and give their teachers on this occasion. An artist knows what a beautiful painting can be and which will catch the eyes of their teachers. Being the 90’s students we remembered that the one who was good in drawing used to draw teacher sketches and give their teachers as a gift. Those sketches were definitely caught by the eyes of their teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

6. Flowers and Plant Pots

During 90/s there were always some students who used to bring a flower and plant pots and give it to their teacher. Since Teacher Appreciation Week is celebrated in May and which is the spring season, they easily find beautiful and colourful flower pots. Some students also draw and colour the pots to make it look more beautiful. The students of ’90s were talented which it comes to crafting. The change in era changes the mind of people, but of course, memorising something beautiful from the past is full of wonderful feelings.

Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

7. Beauty Products

Nearly in every class, there is a group of girls who are cautious about beauty and wants to look beautiful among others. Just like the choices they choose beauty products as a gift and wrap them in a beautiful gift paper. Wrapping Lipsticks, Shades, perfumes etc. comes in handy when giving beauty product as a gift on Teacher Appreciation Week. Unfortunately, this does not work with a male teacher and we have apologies for them. 🙂

We shared our 90’s ideas about what we used to do and see when celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week. However, there are plenty of other ways too rather than sticking only with 90’s ideas. We will update more in our article related to the vintage ways of celebrating Teacher’s Appreciation Week 2020. If you want to us to add something important appreciation idea which we missed in our post, let us know through comments. We will be the first one to add your idea with your name on it.


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui is a young entrepreneur from Pakistan. His studies (Petroleum Engineering) has no relation to business but the passion keeps him in this field.

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