TCGplayer Magic Brought 10 New Sets for the User’s Favourite Game

There are billions of E-commerce websites available on the world wide web, but buyers always prefer to buy their desired products from trusted websites. Why? Because from those billions of websites, rarely one-third of their owners care about the security of their visitors because most of them just use their websites as a source of earning. But why they take it lightly? Do they just want short term business or they want to scam their buyers? These days collectable item websites are in trend and believe me most of them are fake, or they just sell counterfeit products. But in this phoney world, there is still a website that thinks about its customers. Yes, I am talking about TCGPlayer.

What is TCGplayer?

TCGplayer is an E-commerce platform that acts as an Online Collectible Gaming Store. In short, TCGplayer is a stock market of rare and collectable game cards. This market place was Found in 1998. As the company claims, they sell and ship tens of thousands of game cards and executes thousands of daily transactions for a multi-billion dollar industry daily.

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The online market place of collectables was found in 1998 by Chedy Hampson. The company has around 100 to 250 working employees.

The thing which TCGplayer make popular is its caring nature toward its sellers and buyers. TCGplayer provides the best security to their buyers by redirecting them to a secured 128 bit SSL server when they use their cards to make payments and all credit goes to the up to date gateway that completes the transactions.

TCGplayer Official Application

The official TCGplayer application is straightforward to access. The app is available in Google Play Store and Apple App Store with high ratings. Actually, The application is a blueprint of their main website.

The TCGplayer app is straightforward to access as it allows users to apply filters as per their needs. Such as Fast and accurate pricing, this feature enables users to Choose between Mid, Low, Direct Low and Market Price of their searched cards. Moreover, you can Trade-In High for TCGplayer Magic cards to see currently available TCGplayer price data.

Main Features of TCGplayer Application

Fully Integrated Scanning or Scan Magic:- This feature of the app allows users to scan and find their favourite cards in just blink of your eyes. It doesn’t matter you are trying to find Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! You can find the find price instantly. The app also allows users to sell and shop directly on and you can also add to your collection—even create Trade-In submissions for your TCGplayer Magic cards.

Scan and Sell:- This option allows users to sell their cards easily by just creating a listing with photos clicked from your smartphone and publishing through the app.

Manage You TCGplayer Magic Cards Collection:- With this option, you can create or modify your deck-lists, and you can also import your other cards collection which you have saved in the earlier version of the application.

With this option, you can also rename or make a duplicate list of all of your cards to directly share them with your friends via email or another app which you use.

TCGplayer Magic Cards Price Chart


Works Smoothly with Non-English Cards:- These collectable cards are available in many languages, and it is quite challenging to remember every word. If you use TCG’s official application, then it doesn’t matter if you can read the text printed on the card.

Just scan your the card for which you want to learn and the app will tell you what it is and how much it’s worth in the market. By this method, some people have found so many rare cards in their collection.

Accurate Image Recognition:- It doesn’t matter in which position you scan your cards. You can scan them in any position like right-side-up or upside down, in sleeves or in a binder. The app quickly and correctly recognise the card and display the correct information on your mobile screen.

Just keep in mind that whenever you scan a card, make sure you scan at a 45° angle and use a plain background that contrasts with the card border. You can also scan as many cards as you can manage to fit within your mobile camera’s field of view. When you start scanning, just make sure that the entire card is in the frame and avoiding obstructions.

Set Printing, Condition & More:- In this feature, you are able to find the exact price for the correct version of the card which you have in your collection. By selecting whether or not it’s foil, what condition it’s in and what language it is.

New sets from your favorite games

Recently they added many new sets for all of your favourite games like Rebel Clash (Pokemon), Rise of the Union Warrior, Expansion Deck Box Set 12: Universe 11 Unison, Expansion Deck Box Set 11: Universe 7 Unison, (Dragon Ball Super), Eternity Code (Yu-Gi-Oh!), Structure Deck: Mechanized Madness (Yu-Gi-Oh!), JoJo’s Bizarre Advendure: Golden Wind (Weiss Schwarz) and many other are available.

The new stock of TCGplayer Magic cards is available in store. Your favourite set of TCGplayer magic cards fall between $0.07 to $23. It doesn’t matter you prefer Pokemon cards set over Dragon Ball Super set of cards or vice versa.

Does TCGplayer sell collectable card in cheap?

There are several factors which are considered before deciding the exact price of the set. But the actual price of cards depends upon the availability, condition and type of the card. If any card is easily available and also not that rare then you can get that set of cards easily even without hurting your pocket as most of the times they sell cards below the market price.

In comparison to other websites, they show the final price after including shipping and all other taxes. So, you can always enjoy collecting your favourite gaming or online character cards. You do not need to worry about shipping charges if your cart’s grand total amount is $5.


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