Spencer Dutton Death: What Happens To Yellowstone 1923 Character?

The first episode, which aired in 1923, ended with Spencer Dutton Death after being ambushed by a jaguar he was hunting in Nairobi, Africa. It was meant to convey the idea that Spencer met an untimely and unexpected end. In 1883, Spencer Dutton, the youngest son of James and Margaret Dutton, was still a young boy. Spencer was the last of their children to be born. Forty years later, Spencer is now a fully grown adult who uses the skills he gained as a veteran of the Great War to protect tourists from dangerous animals while on safari in Africa.

Spencer Dutton Death What Happens To Yellowstone 1923 Character
Spencer Dutton Death What Happens To Yellowstone 1923 Character

Given that 1923 is a spinoff of Yellowstone, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if a central character like Spencer Dutton passed away in the new series. However, because 1923 features an ensemble cast that includes some of the most recognizable actors in cinematic history, the spinoff has the luxury of omitting certain characters from its story. In addition, because Spencer still has PTSD as a result of his time spent in the military, it is possible that a jaguar could ambush him and deal a fatal blow.

Finally, due to the cliffhanger left at the end of the 1923 pilot episode, viewers are left wondering about Spencer Dutton Death. This article will discuss Spencer Dutton Death and much more about the character. 

Spencer Dutton Death in 1923

Although it is strongly suggested that the jaguar is responsible for Spencer’s death, it is implausible that 1923 will eliminate such a significant character at this point in the series. Actor Brandon Sklenar, who plays Spencer in 1923, is featured as one of the actors in the introduction sequence of the prequel series. According to IMDB, Spencer Dutton can be seen in each of the eight episodes that make up the first season of 1923. In addition, according to the promotional video for 1923, Spencer’s appearance in the pilot episode won’t be the last time he appears in the show.

Spencer may pass away at some point in 1923. Yes, it’s possible, but the outcome of every Dutton in 1923 is still being determined. As viewers who have followed Yellowstone for a significant amount of time are aware, death in the Sheridanverse can occur at the most inopportune of times.

Not only does this pertain to Spencer, but it also applies to all of the other main characters in the Yellowstone prequel. Although it is unlikely that the jaguar in the 1923 pilot will kill Spencer so quickly, the war veteran-turned-hunter may emerge from the encounter with yet another impressive scar and a reminder of his mortality.

A Homage to Yellowstone Is Paid Through Spencer’s “Death” in the 1923 Pilot

A pattern of bad omens that began in the Yellowstone pilot, which saw the unexpected death of Lee Dutton, John’s youngest son, continued with Spencer Dutton having a near-death experience as a part of this pattern. Notable is the fact that the final moments of Elsa Dutton in the 1883 ending were a reflection of Lee’s passing. Aside from being a fitting tribute to the Yellowstone pilot, the “death” of Spencer Dutton feels realistic because it follows a pattern established in previous episodes of critical shows in the Sheridanverse.

However, given that 1923’s Spencer Dutton is likely to survive his encounter with a jaguar, the central tragedy will likely be saved for the conclusion. Or high point of the premiere season of 1923. 

“Violence has always haunted this family,” Elsa Dutton says in the opening narration of the 1923 pilot. “Violence has always haunted this family.” But the Duttons are not likely to have a happy ending to 1923.

Spencer Dutton Death

Bradon Sklenar is responsible for bringing the character of Spencer Dutton to life in the television series 1923. About half of the events in the series are based on real-life occurrences. Then comes the unfortunate Spencer Dutton Death. Each of us may have witnessed the passing of Spencer Dutton in the pilot episode of 1923. During the first episode of the new season, “1923,” Spencer Dutton was the victim of a jaguar attack, and it is strongly suggested that the attack resulted in Spencer Dutton Death then and there. It is highly improbable that Spencer passed away in the series pilot episode.

According to the information provided on 1923’s IMDB page, the actor who plays Spencer in 1923, Brandon Sklenar, will appear in all eight series episodes. Therefore, Spencer Dutton Death is not possible. It provides us with our first piece of information. It indicates that he will most likely survive that attack and appear in each of the subsequent seven episodes of the series.

The promotional video for 1923 reveals, among other things, that Spencer will still have a great deal of screen time in the actual series. It again states Spencer Dutton Death is just a misconception. That means he will likely return alive from that ordeal with the jaguar. Despite this, we are confident that his near-death experience during the jaguar attack will significantly impact him and the rest of the Dutton family.

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