Simeon Hendrickson Cause Of Death: Was it suicide or planned murder?

People are shocked by the tragic news surrounding the man and want to know Simeon Hendrickson’s cause of death. The shocking incident has left many questioning what happened at the crime scene. Here is what we know about Simeon Hendrickson’s cause of death.

Simeon Hendrickson Cause Of Death

Simeon Hendrickson’s cause of death is suicide. Overcome with guilt over accidentally killing his wife, Simeon shot himself. Simead accidentally shot his wife with the gun he used for trainees. This accident occurred while he was cleaning the gun.

What Happened At The Scene Of Crime

On a fateful Saturday evening at approximately 5:45 p.m., a tragic incident unfolded at the residence of Simeon Hendrickson, a 61-year-old resident of Bolingbrook, Illinois. While he was diligently working on one of his handguns, a devastating accident occurred, resulting in the firearm unexpectedly discharging and fatally striking his wife, Laurie Hendrickson, aged 60. The Bolingbrook police were promptly notified and arrived to investigate the shocking turn of events.

The situation took an even darker turn when it was revealed that following the accidental shooting of his wife, Simeon Hendrickson decided to take his own life using the same handgun. This heartbreaking outcome was confirmed by the police, who pronounced him dead at the scene, leaving a trail of grief and sorrow in its wake.

The initial call to the police concerned a man who shot himself accidentally while cleaning his firearm. However, new information surfaced during their journey to the location, indicating the possibility of a second shot being fired and another person potentially being injured. The gravity of the situation intensified, and the officers approached the scene with increased urgency.

Tragically, upon arrival, they confirmed that Simeon Hendrickson had indeed lost his life, and his beloved wife, Laurie Hendrickson, was rushed to the hospital in a desperate attempt to save her. Despite the best efforts of medical personnel, Laurie succumbed to her injuries and was later pronounced dead, adding to the immense heartache and disbelief that engulfed the community.

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Simeon Hendrickson Cause Of Death: Was it suicide or planned murder?
Simeon Hendrickson Cause Of Death: Was it suicide or planned murder?

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Tribute Paid To The Couple

In a heartfelt and emotional Facebook post, Derek Hendrickson, the devastated son of Simeon and Laurie Hendrickson, poured out his grief over the tragic loss of his beloved parents. With heavy hearts and tearful eyes, Derek shared his deep feelings of sorrow, paying tribute to the remarkable individuals who had meant the world to him.

In his poignant tribute, Derek expressed how countless people whose lives they had touched loved and greatly respected his parents. Simeon and Laurie had left an indelible mark on the lives of many, and their impact would be felt for years to come.

As he reminisced about the memories they had created together as a family, Derek expressed gratitude for the values instilled in him by his pare. These values would forever shape his character and guide his decisions. He highlighted how they had nurtured an environment of love, understanding, and kindness in their home, which had made all the difference in shaping him into the person he had become.

Amid the profound sadness of their sudden departure, Derek found solace in the outpouring of support and love from friends and acquaintances who had shared their memories and experiences with his parents. 

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