Scream 7: Mindy Actor Jasmin Savoy Brown Discusses the Upcoming Movie

The Scream 7: Mindy actor, Jasmin Savoy Brown, speaks out about the challenges the franchise is facing and her recent get-together with fellow cast members. Following the popularity of 2022’s Scream movie and its 2023 follow-up, news quickly spread about a seventh film in the making. However, the sequel Scream film faced significant behind-the-scenes problems, including the exits of Scream VI cast members Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega, along with director Christopher Landon.

As Scream 7 remains uncertain, Brown shares insights into the behind-the-scenes drama in a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight.

Scream 7: Mindy Actor Jasmin Savoy Brown Breaks Silence

The Scream 7: Mindy actor discusses Scream 7 without diving into specific behind-closed-door circumstances. Brown tactfully focuses on celebrating the Core Four and the recent red carpet reunion during the Motion Picture & Television Fund’s 17th Annual Evening Before event. She also expresses her love for the two cast members who left the Scream 7 cast and the horror franchise, one of whom was fired by the production company Spyglass.

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Articulating her thoughts, she commented,

“I think that everything that we did, the Core Four, is amazing and important and should be celebrated forever. And I’m glad that we got to capture that on-screen, and I’m proud to have four people of color in that horror film.”

She added, “It was so random and fun [to reunite]. We did not plan that. Jenna [Ortega] is my heart and soul, I’ll protect her forever. I love her, I love Melissa [Barrera], I love Jack [Quaid], I love Mason [Gooding]. They just make me happy. It’s fun to see them.”

Moreover, when asked about her role in the new movie, the actress told ET that she had not received any calls about a deal, adding, “If you want to ask Spyglass what they’re doing, you can.”

Scream 7: Controversy Explained

The box-office success of the sixth film in the horror film series took the franchise to new heights. However, complications arose when Barrera, who played the role of Sam Carpenter in the previous two movies, left the franchise. Spyglass decided to part ways with her due to what they considered antisemitic social media posts related to the Israel-Hamas conflict. Barrera later addressed the situation, condemning antisemitism and any form of prejudice.

Scream 7: Mindy Actor
Melissa Barrera

She emphasized her commitment to using her platform to speak out about issues she cares about. “I condemn hate and prejudice of any kind against any group of people. Every person on this Earth, regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status, deserves equal human rights, dignity, and of course, freedom,” she shared on her Instagram story.

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Scream 7: Controversy Grows As Ortega and Landon Leave

Shortly after Barrera’s departure, another Scream 7 controversy began as Ortega, who played Tara Carpenter in the previous two films, announced she would not return. Contrary to speculation, her exit had nothing to do with Barrera’s situation or any contractual issues with the Scream franchise. According to Deadline’s sources, “this has nothing to do with the fallout from Melissa Barrera‘s firing yesterday by Spyglass Media over that actress’ social media postings on the Hamas-Israel conflict, nor does it have to do with the actress asking for an end to her Scream contract.”

Primarily, the reason was that Ortega was tied up filming Season 2 of Netflix’s Wednesday, and not because of the Scream 7 controversy associated with Barrera’s departure.

Moreover, Landon was initially set as the Scream 7 director but revealed in December that he had left the project. Describing it as a “dream job that turned into a nightmare,” he did not discuss the specifics. With the departure of two key actors and the director, the fate of Scream 7 is uncertain, leaving fans in the dark about Spyglass’s plan for the franchise’s future.

All eyes are now on Scream veteran Neve Campbell, who portrays Sidney Prescott. Despite turning down Scream 6 due to a salary disagreement, there is hope that she may return. Recently questioned at the BAFTA Tea Event on January 13 regarding Scream’s future, she expressed sadness over the franchise’s struggle despite years of success. Campbell mentioned she would consider returning “given the right circumstances.” Echoing sentiments she shared in the past about the different treatment she might have received if she were a man “carrying a franchise for 25 years.”

Finally, this news has shed light on the challenges the Scream movie franchise is facing. Stay tuned for more updates.

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