Katherine Heigl Reunites with Grey’s Anatomy Cast at Emmy 2024 After Infamous Feud

After leaving the show over a decade ago, Katherine Heigl reunites with the Grey’s Anatomy cast at the Emmy 2024. The famous actress presented an award to Paul Walter Hauser along with many of her costars, including Ellen Pompeo and Justin Chambers.

Heigl initially exited the show in 2010, sparking a significant controversy. But, after sharing the screen with her ex-co-stars, it looks like things are going great between all of them. Keep scrolling down to learn more about their heartwarming reunion.

Katherine Heigl Reunites with Grey’s Anatomy Cast

On Monday night, Katherine Heigl reunites with her former “Grey’s Anatomy” companions Ellen Pompeo, James Pickens Jr., Chandra Wilson, and Justin Chambers at the 2024 Emmy Awards.

The crew appeared in a pretend hospital room at the awards gig, and there they handed over a trophy to Paul Walter Hauser for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, specifically for “Black Bird.”

Katherine Heigl Reunites
Katherine Heigl Reunites with Grey’s Anatomy Cast at Emmy 2024 After Infamous Feud

Starting the chatter about the show’s creator, Shonda Rhimes, Pompeo, 54, shared, “When the first episode of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ aired in March of 2005, I’m not sure Shonda Rhimes knew that she had created a show that would have a lasting imprint on television and create lifelong friendships.”

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Moreover, Chambers, 53, added, “Over 400 episodes and counting—a tribute to everyone who has been a part of our family.”

Katherine Heigl reunited with the cast after exiting the show in 2010 and shared her thoughts during the speech. “And yes, there have been some changes over the years. But the one thing that has remained a constant is the incredible fan base.”

Chandra Wilson, aged 54, joined the conversation, saying, “You stayed with us through plane crashes, superstorms, earthquakes, and a global pandemic, and as we start our 20th season, we are officially the longest running primetime medical drama in TV history.”

Pickens Jr. then concluded the speech by thanking their tremendous fanbase, without whom this would not be possible.

Katherine Heigl Shares Her Feelings

Before the ceremony started, the “27 Dresses” star chatted on the red carpet with Laverne Cox, sharing her feelings about reuniting with her costars.

Katherine Heigl Reunites
Katherine Heigl Reunites with Grey’s Anatomy Cast at Emmy 2024 After Infamous Feud

“It’s crazy. It’s like, in one way, it feels like I just saw them all, and then in another, it’s like oldest life has passed.” She also added that their children “have all gotten older” and referred to Shonda’s son, Michael, who was born in the show’s second season and is now 18 years old. “It’s like, it’s disconcerting but wonderful,” she remarked.

Emmy’s Instagram account also gave a sneak peek of the ceremony’s seating chart, teasing a Pompeo and Heigl reunion days before the show.

The Controversy Surrounding Katherine Heigel Leaving Grey’s Anatomy

Katherine Heigl took on the role of Dr. Izzie Stevens in “Grey’s Anatomy” from 2005 to 2010, securing a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series in 2007. However, she received a lot of backlash in 2008 for not submitting to the Emmy, as she believed the new episodes did not provide her with good enough material. It sent shockwaves through the industry because previous winners typically get considered, at least for a nomination. Heigl eventually departed from the ABC medical drama series after the sixth season. The unexpected events raised a few eyebrows, breaking the usual pattern in award nominations.

“I didn’t feel good about my performance,” Heigl clarified as a member of the original cast. “There was a part of me that thought, because I had won [Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series] the year before, that I needed juicy, dramatic, emotional material and I just didn’t have that that season.”

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In a chat with Howard Stern, Heigl shared that she talked with the show’s head writer and creator, Shonda Rhimes, and apologized, acknowledging that it was not “cool.” She explained that she only felt the need to make a statement once the media started discussing her Emmy withdrawal.

Rhimes’ Reaction

Rhimes herself had addressed the drama, telling the Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t put up with bulls—or nasty people. I don’t have time for it,” emphasizing her “no a-holes policy.” Also, she stated firmly, “There are no Heigls in this situation.”

Katherine Heigl Reunites
Katherine Heigl and Shonda Rhimes

Heigl’s Stance

The Firefly Lane star later opened up regarding her “heightened’ level of anxiety,” which led her to leave the show. She shared her feelings with SiriusXM host Bevy Smith, saying, “Like, if I could have found a way to work within it, that could have also worked for me. But I only saw it as this one thing: I was up here at a level of intensity that was unhealthy for me. And I just kind of fled in a panic.”

She also mentioned that, looking back, she wished she had calmed down and carefully considered things. However, she shared, “I was breaking; it was breaking me, and I was young. I mean, I was vibrating at a level that I was gonna get sick, and, you know, I did get mentally sick.”

Pompeo Defends Heigl

Her costar Ellen Pompeo spoke in favor of her years later, saying that Heigl was “ahead of her time as she called out the set’s working conditions. “I remember Heigl said something on a talk show about the insane hours we were working, and she was 100 percent right,” she shared during the Tell Me podcast.

She further added, “And had she said that today, she’d be a complete hero.”

Here, our coverage ends. Stay connected to get more exciting news.

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