Salman Khan speaks up about the importance of lockdown via his 9:36 minute IGTV video

Social media has been the perfect space for every person, whether a layman, celebrity of a politician to communicate with the people. The actors and actresses are not even leaving a single stone unturned in entertaining their fans during the lockdown. Apart from that, they are also raising awareness about the Covid-19 pandemic via social media platforms. Amid this lockdown, Salman Khan has come up with a long video urging everyone to stay inside their homes during this period. Intending to stop the spreading of this fatal virus further, he is seen talking about the importance of lockdown to his fans. Apart from that, he has also asked everyone to follow the instructions imposed by the government strictly. 

The 9:36 minute IGTV video showcased Salman Khan in style familiar to the Bigg Boss. He also referred this lockdown as the ‘Zindagi ka Bigg Boss.’ Also, you could witness him saying that he has been there at his farmhouse for a two-days’ chutti, but the Covid-19 has already done everybody’s ‘chutti.’ In the video, he was also seen uttering about the significance of wearing a mask during this situation. He shared an instance of his friend who went out to buy some ration for the people in the farmhouse. When he was stopped by the police en-route, he took off his mask for talking to them. He was asked to put his mask back by the police and then talk. Salman also supported the police in this case and said that taking off the mask while talking would have never been a good idea. 

Salman Khan also discussed the people who are just thinking that their family is healthy enough that they would never get Covid-19. The actor also added that those who won’t step out of their houses in this lockdown period wouldn’t be hit by the police. So, if you want to stay away from getting beaten up, nothing’s better than staying at home. Adding on to his statements, he notified ‘Doctors aur nurses aapki jaan bachaane ke liye aaye aur aapne unpe patthar barsa diye.’

If you want to know more about what all he has got in this long length IGTV video, you can see the same via his official Instagram handle named ‘beingsalmankhan.’ 

It’s amazing and you should definitely have a look! 

Rahis Saifi
Rahis Saifi
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