Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub Tied a Knot with Pakistani Driver – Who is she and What do we know about her?

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub, a Saudi business woman, has just tied the knot with her Pakistani driver and people just cant maintain their cool regarding it. He was her personal driver and drove her range rover.  This is pretty much a fairytale!

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub’s Net Worth

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub is a Saudi billionaire with a net worth of 8 billion dollars. She owns many businesses.

Sahoo Bint Abdullah Al Mahboub’s Businesses

According to many social media pages, she is not only the owner of several residential properties but also hotels in the two holy cities i.e. Madinah and Makkah. Her hotels are near the holy places and she earns a lot from them on a daily basis. We have also found out that she owns a couple of towers in France and other countries.

Disclaimer: Although we have checked these facts, it is not necessary that all of them are 100% correct.