Run The World Season 2 Renewed?

With the kind of bang season 1 ended on, it was only a matter of time until Starz revealed the news on Run The World Season 2. In fact, just after ending season 1 in July, the team at Starz renewed the show for another season. And they have officially announced this. As Allision Hoffman, President of Domestic Networks for Starz said:

“Run the World has been so passionately embraced by our audience and we are thrilled to bring fans another season.”

So, here is everything that we know about season 2 to date.

Run The World Season 2 Release Date

On August 27, 2021, Run The World was greenlit for a new season. This season, Rachelle Williams will be the showrunner and executive producer along with none other than Yvette Lee Bowser. This news was confirmed by Allison Hoffman who said:

“Our incredibly talented cast and executive producers Yvette and Leigh are set to return, and we’re excited to welcome Rachelle back into the STARZ family leading as showrunner and executive producer.”

Moreover, if filming begins soon and everything goes as planned, we can expect season 2 to release by mid 2022 (sometime around the same time that season 1 premiered). Season 2 will also probably have 8 episodes like season 1, each 30 minutes long.


The main plot of Run The World revolves around these four extremely strong black women who are out to conquer the world.

By the end of Season 1, Ella had begun writing her very own book (which is a great deal considering the reaction she got to her previous book). Ella also patched things up with Anderson. Renee’s marriage was nowhere close to working out. In fact, it had hit rock bottom. And Whitney, who was about to marry Ola, just revealed to him about her cheating. This obviously led to Ola asking for some time to think about things again. But, this didn’t stop Whitney from going to her Bachelor Party and having fun with the rest of the girls.

Talking about Ella and season 2, Andrea Bordeaux revealed how she too is looking forward to the development of her character. She said:

“I’m excited to see how [Ella] explores life from a place of feeling like, ‘Okay, now my confidence is coming back and I’m in my creative space again.’”

Run The World Season 2

We’ll also be seeing how Whitney and Ola overcome the current difficult situation. And if they don’t, how will both of them evolve as new singles. Renee will also try and bring her life back together and find new love. Sondi Hill’s new experiences will also be a thrill to watch. Overall, season 2 will add more to the personalities and experiences of these fierce women of Harlem.

Run The World Season 2 Cast 

No official cast list has been released yet. But, there are some people without whom season 2 will be incomplete. Hence, here are some of the cast members from Run The World Season 2:

  • Amber Stevens as Whitney Green
  • Andrea Bordeaux as Ella Mcfair
  • Bresha Webb as Renee Ross
  • Corbin Reid as Sondi Hill
  • Tosin Morohunfola as Olabisi “Ola” Adeyemo
  • Sasha Hutchings as Hope
  • Stephen Bishop as Matthew Powell
  • Nick Sagar as Anderson Louis
  • Erika Alexander as Barb

Run The World Season 2 Trailer

Although it is official that our four strong women of Harlem are returning for another season, no teaser or trailer has been revealed. And it probably will be some time until that happens. As filming has to begin yet. However, as soon as a teaser or trailer drops, we will share it with you.

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