Roy McGrath Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him And Why Did He Kill Himself?

The trial of Roy McGrath, the former chief of staff at Maryland Environmental Service, captivated the world for his involvement in fraudulent activities. However, the shocking events took a tragic toll on McGrath’s life. He missed his court appearance for corruption charges, leading FBI agents to track him down. The encounter turned deadly as McGrath panicked and shot himself, with the agents also firing in self-defence. But what ultimately caused Roy McGrath’s death? Read on to uncover the details surrounding this tragic incident.

Roy McGrath Cause of Death: Gunshot Injuries

Roy McGrath’s cause of death was determined to be gunshot injuries. On April 4th, McGrath passed away after failing to appear for his corruption charges trial at Baltimore’s federal courthouse near Knoxville, Tennessee.

During the encounter with FBI agents in Tennessee, McGrath suffered two gunshot wounds—one self-inflicted and the second a result of the agents acting in self-defence. The autopsy report revealed that the interval between the two gunshot injuries was extensive, making it difficult to determine which wound was ultimately responsible for his death. As a result, the cause of death was stated as “gunshot wounds of the head,” and the manner of death was listed as “could not be determined” in the autopsy report.

Charme Allen, the Knox County District Attorney General, confirmed that the officer responsible for shooting McGrath acted in self-defence. The agents had probable cause and a reasonable belief that McGrath posed a threat of imminent death or serious bodily injury.

The release further detailed the events leading up to McGrath’s death. FBI agents requested the assistance of Knoxville agents to arrest McGrath, providing them with the necessary information to locate him. After cornering him between two businesses, the agents approached his vehicle and instructed him to show his hands outside the open window. Instead, McGrath responded that he had a loaded gun.

Seeing McGrath holding a handgun against his right temple, the agents perceived him as a threat and acted accordingly. In a tragic turn of events, McGrath fired his gun, striking his right temple, while the agent fired one round, striking McGrath’s left cheek.

Efforts were made to move McGrath to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, but tragically, he was pronounced dead thirty minutes after arriving.

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Roy McGrath Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him And Why Did He Kill Himself?
Roy McGrath Cause Of Death: What Happened To Him And Why Did He Kill Himself?

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Roy McGrath’s Troubled Past

Roy McGrath, aged 53, had served as Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan’s chief of staff but had become a wanted fugitive. In 2021, he faced indictments for fraud, including deceiving the Maryland Environmental Service’s board into granting him a $233,648 severance payment, falsely claiming the governor approved it. Additionally, he faced accusations of fraud and embezzlement connected to approximately $170,000 in expenses.

Despite the charges, McGrath continued to plead not guilty. His resignation came after only 11 weeks in the chief of staff position, following public scrutiny of the payments.

In June 2022, the Justice Department issued a superseding indictment, including false records alongside existing wire fraud and theft charges. According to the indictment, McGrath was accused of creating a fake memo, purportedly authorized by Hogan, to justify his severance pay from the environmental service.

Roy McGrath’s life was undoubtedly marked by turmoil and legal troubles, and his tragic end adds a solemn chapter to his troubled journey.

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