Regé-Jean Page to Succeed Daniel Craig in the next super-spy series, James Bond

James Bond has always been a man of speculation who has no time to die. Ever since this character’s debut in 1962, seven actors to date have worn the 007 tuxes. However, this current upcoming movie, No Time to Die, will be the last one of Daniel Craig as the 007. So, fans are thrilled to know about the potential successor of the 007 tuxes. 

Currently, one of the most popular choices by fans is the swoon-worthy Bridgeton star, Regé-Jean Page. Many fans hope that the actor will go from playing the duke in the hit Netflix show ‘Bridgerton’ to chasing down villains like James Bond.

Potential Actors for the role of 007

Regé-Jean Page is most famous for his role as Simon Bassett, The Duke of Hastings, in Shonda Rhimes’s Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’. The English actor is currently on the shortlist of betting firm Ladbrock’s predictions for actors who are most likely to play the iconic role of James Bond. Page is going toe to toe with actors like Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and James Norton. The current status of the list of potential 007’s is as follows:

Regé-Jean Page

Tom Hardy: 9/4

 Regé-Jean Page: 16/5

 James Norton: 11/2

 Clive Standen: 7/1

 Lashana Lynch: 9/1

 Idris Elba: 9/1

 Sam Heughan: 19/2

 Henry Cavill: 10/1

 Justin Hartley: 14/1

 Richard Madden: 20/1 

Since 007: No Time to Die is the last film with Daniel Craig as the most famous spy and intelligence agent in the world, rumours have been flying as to who will be chosen to play the next James Bond. The speculation throughout the internet is as imaginative as ever. Recently, during an interview with The Tonight Show, the actor stated that the internet is in the lead regarding speculation; this was by far the most pleasant. 

For now, announcements regarding the new James Bond casting decision are nil. Most likely, we’ll know after the release of 007: No Time to Die.

It’s a Yes from Pierce Brosnan!

Pierce Brosnan, James Bond during the late 90s films, said that Page would be a ‘wonderful choice’ for the next Bond. The actor gushed about the ‘Bridgerton’ star when asked about Regé-Jean Page stepping into the role during an interview with Entertainment Tonight. 

‘I think he would be wonderful’ were Bronsan’s exact words while promoting his upcoming film, Cinderella. Talk about ultimate approval from a former James Bond himself! However, despite the overwhelming support from fans, Page himself is not too eager on taking on the role. A few weeks earlier, he told GQ that while all the help is flattering, he’ll leave it at that.

Bronson also had other talented actors in mind apart from Page. In June, the actor said that Idris Elba and Tom Hardy could do the role justice. The 68-year old actor stated that Idris had a powerful presence and is a truly ‘magnificent’ actor. He went on to praise Hardy as well. He was saying that Hardy can ‘chew the furniture up’ and be a ball boy. However, while it is still unclear whether Tom Hardy is interested in the role, Elba stated back in 2019 that he has no intent in taking up the position.

Right now, we should cherish the last one of the Craig era that is ‘No Time to Die,’ which will hit cinemas on October 8 in the US & September 30th in the UK. So, be you must make sure to watch it in cinemas!


Rahis Saifi
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