Real Rob Season 3 Latest Updates 

After four years of silence and head-scratching wait, your favorite sitcom is going to release the third season.   That’s right, Real Rob season 3 is going to premiere on Netflix! If you are a newbie and wish to watch season 3 we recommend watching seasons 1 and 2 to get a good feel of the show even though the seasons aren’t really linked to each other. Both the seasons of this sitcom are currently available on Netflix and have 8 episodes each. 

Real Rob Season 3 Release Date 

The new season is set to premiere on 24th September 2021. This season will contain 8 episodes just like the previous two seasons. All the episodes will be released on the same day. We know what you’re thinking, “Fours years and just eight episodes?” Trust me we felt the same way. We hope that it will be worth the wait though. And hopefully, the third season will be just as great as the previous two seasons. 

Real Rob Season 3

Real Rob Season 3 Cast 

Most of the cast is said to return for the third season of the show. Rob Schneider will return as the lead “Rob “. Jamie Lissow (who helped Rob with the writing of the show) will return to his role as “Jamie”. Ryan Gosling will portray a homeless man as “Monty Franklin”. Adam Korson will return as “Andy” and star Damon Sementilli will be playing “Jeff Goldwyn”. Actor Kym Jackson will play “Margaret”, Lindsay Hanzl as Andy’s Assistant and Johnny Jenkinson will be the “Stalker”.

In past seasons, actors such as Adam Sandler (in the episode “Authentic Self”), David Spade, George Lopez, and others made guest appearances. In the new season, we hope to see even more guest appearances.

What to expect? Plot 

The slice-of-life comedy series which debuted back in 2015 stars Rob Schneider as himself as he navigates the world as a rich Hollywood celebrity. 

A second season dropped in late 2017 which saw the late Norm MacDonald cameo among others but after a long hiatus, more is on the way.

The upcoming season is shaping up to be a shambles. Of course, there will be a lot of laughs! Perhaps new characters? Rob Schneider’s crazy existence may be challenging for him, but it will undoubtedly bring a grin to your face. Moreover, let’s not forget about Miranda’s sweetness! 

The first season of Real Rob, however, was not up to the mark for a modern-day comedy, according to critics. They believed the play was incredibly simple and an overblown representation of celebrity life. However, the audience of today’s generation couldn’t help but laugh. 

Fans, on the other hand, disagreed, stating that they prefer watching a light-hearted show when they are anxious. Therefore this series earned tremendous fan support and a 6/10 rating on IMDb, despite the negative reviews from critics. We believe Netflix believed in it as well, as they renewed the contract for Real Rob season 3.

Schneider as a heightened version of himself, who must deal with the impact of celebrity on his family life, is at the centre of the programme. Patricia, his real-life wife, portrays his fictional wife in the series, while Miranda, his daughter, portrays their fictional daughter.

Real Rob Season 3 Trailer 

There has been no official trailer of season 3 of Real Rob. Which makes us all the more curious as to what will happen in the life of Rob next. Since the release date is so close, there will be no need to update this section as the third season probably won’t have a trailer.