Biohackers Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Ever since the German science-fiction show’s second season got released, fans have been eager to know about its renewal. If you are one of these fans, this article will solve your queries about BioHackers season 3. It will also include possible storylines, writers’ interviews, casting details, and even coded tweets by the official Biohackers Twitter account.

So let’s begin.

When Will Netflix Release the BioHackers Season 3?

Season 2 of Biohackers became available on the streaming site on 9th July. Considering this, if a new season is under its pre-production phase, then Netflix will take 3 to 4 weeks more for the renewal’s announcement.

Netflix has a history of canceling shows with low ratings. If we talk about Biohackers’ rating, then it is not bad. But if the show’s goal is to be renewed for a third installment, then the rating and viewership must go up more.

However, Netflix has neither confirmed nor denied any renewal news, which is positive news for fans. The third installment also depends on a good script. If the writers have a good storyline mapped out for the third season, Netflix might consider renewing the show.

The filming process for a show takes 6 to 7 months, so if the directors start with the production from August to March, the filming will continue. The post-production phase and editing also take 5 months maximum. If our calculations are right, the 3rd installment will most likely drop in late 2022 or early 2023. But these are just assumptions.

BioHackers season 3

Are there any changes in the casting?

Until now, the most basic thing, the release date, isn’t even out, so naturally, there are no casting details either.

But if a third installment is to come, most probably they will continue with the same cast. As Netflix shows always have some new additions to the cast, we expect this installment to have new cast members.

And if this trend is followed in season 3, Biohacker’s social media platforms will update the fans first. So we’ll keep an eye on them and let you know at the earliest!

But for now, all alive characters will be reprising their respective roles, which include: Luna Wedler (as Mia), Thomas Prenn (as Niklas), Adrian Julius Tillmann (as Jasper), Sebastian Doppelbauer (as Ole), Caro Cult (as Lotta), and Jing Xiang (as Chen-Lu).

Other dead characters (like Lorenz and Fürmann) will only be returning in flashback scenes unless they get resurrected!

What will season 3 of Biohackers explore?

The show created by Christian Ditter is not a rom-com story. Instead, it explores a dire genre.

The story revolves around a young woman Mia Akerlund who gets enrolled in a prestigious university. The show is set in a futuristic world where science has advanced 10 times more than today.

But Mia is not getting into the university, intending to study. She has some other ulterior motives; Mia wants to find the reason behind her family’s mysterious death.

Mia studies under professor Tanja Lorenz, and as the story develops, we find out that the professor was involved in Mia’s family murder.

But that was just a short recap of Biohackers. Now, what about season 3?

If you are an avid watcher of the show, you must know how the show’s second season ended. It left fans devastated and, at the same time, in hopes of getting a third season.

The second installment ended conclusively, meaning they covered the major story completely, but there is still some plot to explore. And if writers are willing to continue with the story, they will go on with the same plot.

Mia lost a part of herself in season 2, so the following installment might show how she copes with it. As the show is set in the future, the possibilities of major plot twists are unlimited. Due to progressing biology, we can expect anything from the new season. So this gives endless storylines to the writers, only if they are interested in a third season.

Hopefully, when an official trailer for the show’s season 3 is released, we will know more about the show’s plot. But you’ll have to remain patient about that!

Is there any trailer?

No, there are no trailers or even teasers for the show yet. However, if Netflix goes on with the idea of a third installment, then we will be seeing the official trailers dropping in late 2022 or early 2023.

 That was all about the 3rd season of Biohackers, but in other news, Stranger Things, Season 4 is set for its release.

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