What Was Pat Robertson Net Worth When He Died?

Unfortunately, Pat Robertson, televangelist, writer, and entrepreneur, has passed away. The Christian Broadcasting Network made this news regarding his death official. Throughout his career, Robertson worked hard and profited quite a lot. So, it is natural to wonder what Pat Robertson’s net worth was. And most importantly, how did he earn it? To know everything about it, continue reading the article!

He has worked with various organizations, written books, and not only this, but he has also hosted! He leaves behind an unmatched legacy, his influence, family, and friends. Throughout his active years, he gained a massive fan following. It is safe to say that Robertson was known by people of all ages. 

Pat Robertson Net Worth

Pat Robertson earned a handsome amount from every single project of his. So, it is unsurprising that he had accumulated an impressive net worth before dying. Pat Robertson net worth is around $100 million! 

The Secret Behind Pat Robertson Net Worth

He started his work with religious organizations. In the year 1978, Pat Robertson started Operation Blessing. A decade later, he also worked hard to commemorate another religious organization. However, this was not his only expertise. 

What Was Pat Robertson Net Worth When He Died?
What Was Pat Robertson Net Worth When He Died?

In his active years, Pat Robertson explored multiple career paths. And it is shockingly impressive how he excelled in almost all of them. So, what was the secret behind this success? 

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He launched Christian Broadcasting Network. The same network was the mastermind behind the TV show ‘The 700 Club’, which succeeded in drawing a lot of viewers. After working hard in the religious fields, Pat Robertson also tested the waters in politics. 

Pat Robertson was known for his conservative opinions. There were several controversies surrounding him. A few were linked to the LGBTQ+ community and women’s rights. In the year 1988, he campaigned for the Republican nomination in the election. 

To sum it up, his major source of income came from being the CEO of Regent University and as the chairman of CBN. And being the author of best-selling books like ‘The New World Order’ also added to his net worth. 

Robertson’s wife passed away in 2022. He is survived by his children. So, that was everything you needed to know about Pat Robertson net worth. For more net worth related articles, remember to bookmark this page! 

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