Passover 2021: The Festival to Celebrate Freedom

Passover is a Jewish festival that lasts for approximately 8 days and comes a week before Easter. This year, it is an annual spring festival, i.e. Passover 2021, which will begin on 27th March, Saturday on sundown and will go on till 4th April, Sunday. It holds a special place in the hearts of Jews as it reminds them of the trouble the Israelites took and how they overcame them.

Why is Passover celebrated?

Passover is a festival that represents freedom and is celebrated by Jews all over the world. This event marks the freedom of Israelites from slavery and terrible times because of cruel pharaohs in Egypt.

For a long time, Israelites tried to convey God’s message to Egyptian Pharaohs who ignored and tortured them. The unjust Pharaohs did not provide them with any resource and let their crops and livestock die due to plagues. In fact, a time came when there were continuously ten plagues due to which all firstborns of Israel died.

Passover 2021: The Festival to Celebrate Freedom

Then came the day of hope and happiness, i.e. 15th day of Nissan in the Hebrew calendar. On this day, God made the Israelites free from death. This was the first day of Passover when the men, women and even the children of Israel left Egypt and began their journey to their homes towards Mount Sinai.

What happens on Passover?

Friends and Family gather around during this delightful festival to celebrate Israelites’ freedom from the exodus of Egypt. They all meet after nightfall on the first day and usually on the second day to be there with each other during Seder, i.e. order in Hebrew. While celebrating the Seder, everyone sits together and talks, sing and even pray regarding Exodus’s story. Furthermore, the elders of the family narrate the story of Passover. Not only this, but they also eat a Seder meal which is a holy meal in Passover. Overall, Jews beautifully spend this festival.

Famous and Traditional Dishes for Passover 2021

During the holy day of Passover 2021, people eat Seder meals, including four cups of wine, eating matzah, i.e. flat unleaved bread and bitter herbs. Matzah can be brought at local stores or even made at home. You can opt for whichever of the two options attracts you more. Moreover, haroset, a sweet dish, is also a famous meal for Pesach. It is a blend of apple nuts, and winemaking it a favourite dish of many.  Many people also cook matzo ball soup and gefilte fish.

Although some foods are not to be eaten during this time period at all as Jews opt for kosher meals. Hametz and any other food that includes leaven are also supposed to be avoided at all times.

Is Passover 2021 a public holiday?

No, Passover is not a national day and all places remain open during it.

Is Passover Celebrated on the same date every year?

The dates for Passover change every year on the Georgian calendar. This is because these dates are decided according to the Hebrew Calendar. Passover is celebrated every year from the 15th day of Nissan till the 22nd day of Nissan.


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