One Last Last Heist – What We Know So Far

Many strategies to heal a damaged heart are available. Some people sit in grief and isolate themselves. Others go to parties or clubs in the hope of being distracted by the fun. Others are just looking for a new spouse. Whatever one prefers to cure a breakdown, most people don’t commit themselves directly into a life of crime life only to get through it. That is to say, if you’re the One Last Heist protagonist.

Robbery is the name in One Last Last Heist, as its name implies. The players of this game aren’t only there to win, however: in the recent announcement of the comedy series, they are there to cure a shattered heart. Based on Darrin Rose’s award-winning short film, One Last Heist tries to put a twist of humor on Deadline’s heist movie genre.

Here’s all we know about One Last Last Heist.

One Last Last Heist Release Date

Sony didn’t mention that One Last Last Heist was due to be released, unfortunately. However, we may predict that the time needed to make a film will be quite short. More importantly, we can not even know how far a release date can go in the future without knowing how deep this studio is in the production process. We know at this moment that the project does not exist much more than it was announced on 24 August.

By the end of 2022, if everything is done as scheduled, people could view One Last Last Heist, but that at best is a tentative estimate. It is up to Sony to ultimately decide when the series is to be released. Sadly, that implies that folks must wait until they are exhausted for this debut.

One Last Last Heist Cast

In terms of the actors who’ll be in One Last Last Heist, likely, Sony has not yet completed casting all of the available roles. So far, the company has announced no names associated with the project aside from 

  • Darrin Rose
  • Mike Royce
  • Jay Froberg
  • Gavin Levinson
  • Rose


Although we don’t know much about Sony’s One Last Heist, we are very familiar with the original short film. And, to say the least, Sony looks to keep with its adaptation a little closer to the source material. After all, Darrin Rose was taken over by the studio as an author and managing director.

One Last Last Heist,

In the original short the focus is on a bunch of former bank robbers who start a battle following a particularly rough breakdown of one of their friends. However, what an unsuspecting pal doesn’t realize is that the heist is also a very nice, organized arrangement by his friends to put him up with a different girl. That, to say the least, complicates the situation. Our heroes had to deal with the unpleasantness of a first date besides getting the money and going out.

The organization also strives to increase the ranks of the criminal world. Only time will tell whether this ne’er-Dowell band will succeed in its illicit endeavors, thanks to its notoriety, money, and its romantic commitments.

One Last Last Heist Trailer

The trailer hasn’t been released yet. As soon as we have any news regarding it we will update you.


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