Next Level Chef Season 3: Details on Premiere, Trailer, and More

FOX Entertainment has ordered two more seasons of Gordon Ramsay’s hit series, Next Level Chef. Initially created by Ramsay, the show focuses on celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay, Nyesha Arrington, and Richard Blais recruiting and training chefs under their guidance. This trio sets a new goal every season: to find the next big global chef! Expectations from Next Level Chef Season 3 are high. And we are here to update you with the latest information.

When Will Next Level Chef Season 3 Premiere?

Next Level Chef Season 3 is ready for a special preview on January 28, 2024, at 10 p.m. ET. Following this preview, it will return to its typical timeslot on Thursday, February 1. The new episodes will air weekly at 8 p.m. ET/PT and become available on Hulu’s streaming platform the next day.

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Details of the Show

In case you tune in for the first time, we have covered how this show works. Ramsay has put a lot of effort into perfecting every aspect of the show. For instance, the chef has designed a culinary gauntlet with three stories. Each floor houses a different kitchen.

These floors have a distinct vibe, and the interior and ingredients are in sync. This infrastructure is based on Chef Ramsay’s belief that a talented chef is the one who can make the best in the worst environment.

Next Level Chef Season 3
Next Level Chef Season 3: Details on Premiere, Trailer, and More

Also, the highly shortlisted chefs are divided into three teams under the three mentor chefs. In every new episode, the audience sees the teams competing against each other for the precious spot in the top-level kitchen. The losing team is forced to go to the basement, where they strive hard to work their way up.

And, of course, the contestants are doing their best to earn recognition and a substantial prize. For Next Level Chef Season 3, the winner’s prize comprises $250,000, a one-year mentorship under the show’s mentors, and the well-respected title of ‘Next Level Chef.’

Mentor Chefs In the Third Season

Emmy-nominated Gordon Ramsay is confirmed to host and be one of the mentor chefs for the third iteration.

Next, we have the talented Nyesha J. Arrington, a renowned Art Institute of California graduate in Los Angeles. The chef is known for her exceptional achievements as a chef, TV personality, entrepreneur, and restaurateur. She works earnestly to make ‘food which hugs the soul.’

In addition, Richard Blais will be joining Ramsay and Nyesha as the mentor chefs. Like his colleagues, he is also a famous personality in the food industry. He is mainly known for being a James Beard Award-nominated cookbook author, TV personality, an all-round chef, and a restaurateur.

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Trailer for the Upcoming Season

You can now watch the action-packed trailer for the upcoming third season. The footage showcases that the new batch of episodes will be a whole competition as the chefs try to secure their places in Ramsay, Nyesha, and Richard’s teams. Enjoy watching the trailer until the show officially hits.

If you are interested in participating in the 4th season of the show, you can check out the official site. As the fourth installment has been renewed, it is never too early to take this step.

This concludes our update on Next Level Chef Season 3. If more information surfaces shortly, we’ll update this site. So, remember to bookmark this page!

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