My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 Release Date and Time

My Hero Academia just made a comeback last week with its Season 6. Since the release of the first season, it has made its way to the hearts of the fans. Now, it is a fan-favorite new-gen anime series. The fans now keep waiting for the upcoming episode; such is the popularity of the series. It is also true for the upcoming My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2. The very first episode of Season 6 excited the fans, thanks to Mirko being featured in it. Now we know that in My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2, we will get to see a Rabbit Hero’s massive fight. Without further ado, let us now tell you the release date of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2: Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 will be out on October 8, 2022, Saturday, at 2: 30 Pacific Time. People from different time zones can check the exact schedule of the upcoming episode below. 

  • Pacific Time: 2:30 AM 
  • Central Time: 4:30 AM 
  • Eastern Time: 5:30 AM 
  • British Time: 10:30 AM 
  • Indian Time: 3:00 PM 

You can watch the upcoming episode on Crunchyroll. We would also like to tell you that even Netflix is streaming the sixth season of My Hero Academia. However, the series is only available in specific regions. 


The trailer of My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 is out. The episode is titled “Mirko, the No. 5 Hero”. If you have already watched the first episode, you might be familiar with the cliffhanger at the end. The cliffhanger suggested that you can expect a dark theme for the upcoming episode. 

The recent trailer suggests that Eraserhead and Endeavor hold back the monsters in the hospital. Simultaneously, Mirko will stay laser-focused to capture Dr. Garaki. We also know that Dr. Garaki has unleashed his monster on the Rabbit Hero. Now is the perfect time for Mirko to finally show everyone the power that she holds. 

Also, My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 is titled “Mirko, the No. 5 Hero” the title suggests that Mirko will play the lead in the upcoming episode. 

What To Expect In The Upcoming Episode?

Firstly, we know that Endeavor’s team is busy fighting the attacking Nomu. On the other hand, Mirko chases Garaki, who has escaped into the underground facilities of the hospital. Also, we can see the students lending their support. Even though the trailer did not reveal the entire plot of the upcoming episode, we know that an intense fighting scene awaits us. 

We believe that Mirko will play a crucial role in disrupting Shigaraki’s operation in the upcoming episode. Considering the fact that she will be in the spotlight in the upcoming episode, we believe that she will survive all these intense events. 

Where To Watch The Upcoming Episode?

As discussed above, the upcoming episode will be available on Crunchyroll. If you want to watch My Hero Academia Season 6 on Crunchyroll, you will have to purchase a subscription plan. The platform supports three subscription plans: Fan ($7.99/month), Mega Fan ($9.99/month), and Ultimate Fan ($14.99/month).

All international viewers can enjoy the series on Crunchyroll. Please note that the episode will stream on Crunchyroll just an hour after it is released in Japan. The streaming supports English titles; hopefully, language will not be a barrier. 

Further, the season will stream on ytv and NTC. In the Asia-Pacific region, Medialink owns the license for the series. 


My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 2 will be out on 8 October 2022. International fans can enjoy the show on Crunchyroll. The natives can watch it either on ytv or NTV, which are the original network. We have already shared the exact release schedule; have a look at it and mark your calendar. 


Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
Nilakshi Pathak (Late) - Articles Updated by Areeba Sheikh
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