Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild- When does it Release?

Monster Hunter, the sensational fantasy-themed video game franchise, is just about to release its first animated movie, and fans couldn’t be more excited! A real-life movie of the game series was also released in 2020, but unfortunately, it wasn’t up to fans’ expectations and received many negative remarks. However, the producers are all set to come back with this new CGI film with a spectacular plot and cast. You can find out all about Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild, including its release date, plot, and trailer, down below.

Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild Release Date

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild will release on August 12, 2021, as confirmed by the producers. It will be released, and some of the most awaited popular movies and shows, including Cooking with Paris, The Kissing Booth Season 3, and Sweet Girl. This means that August will be one of the most exciting months of the year, and we can barely wait to feast our eyes on these mind-blowing series and films. 

Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild Cast

The cast of the film will include

  • Dante Basco voicing the lead character Aiden 
  • Jay Preston voicing Mitul
  • Erica Lindbeck voicing Lea 
  • Brando Eaton voicing Julius 
  • Stephen Kramer Glickman voicing Nox 
  • G.K. Bowes voicing Nadia
  • Brian Beacock voicing Navid
  • Karen Strassman voicing Genovan 
  • David Markus voicing Farmer Burl
  • Katie Leigh voicing Elder Daazel

Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild

We don’t know much about the characters yet, but we will be sure to update you guys as soon we find out more about them. 


The series focuses on Aiden as he struggles to save his village from a ruthless dragon. He is a hunter who has previously made an appearance in the video game series Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter: World. 

Aiden is a young adventurous boy who is also known as Ace Cadet. He is only a mundane villager who hunts small things to make his living. However, his fate changes when an Elder Dragon threatens to destroy everything he holds dear and near. Aiden now has the opportunity to change his fate and prove himself to be a worthy hero. Luckily, he also crosses paths with Julius, who is a member of Hunter’s Guild equipped with the strongest of armor and the mightiest of weapons. Along with Julius and his clan, Aiden sets off to destroy the aggressive beast and save his village. 

Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild Trailer

With only one month left until the movie releases, an official trailer has been released. It gives us a small glance at all the adventure and action that will take place in the movie. The one-minute forty-five-second-long trailers begin with Aiden getting attacked by a scrawny dragon only to be saved by Julius, who later tells him about the Elder Dragon that is about to cross through his town and destroy it. The trailer introduces us to some of the film’s characters, along with some terrifying monsters. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I watch Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild? 

The movie will be available for streaming on Netflix. 

How long will the movie be? 

It will be 58 minutes long. 

What is the genre of the movie?

The movie is a fantasy anime film full of action and adventure.



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