Minecraft Elytra- How to get it and Uses?

Minecraft’s primary game mode is a Survival mode where players build houses, fight mobs, collect resources and explore their surroundings. To thrive in this mode, players are equipped with tools and enchantments. One particularly useful tool is the Minecraft Elytra. These rare wings allow players to land safely on the ground when they are flying. They are basically like make-shift hand gliders and can be life-saving in many situations. So where can players find Elytra? How does one use them? What enchantments can players use with Elytras? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Minecraft Elytra. 

What is Minecraft Elytras used for? 

While players can easily fly in the creative mode with a simple touch, flying in the Survival mode is considerably harder. Actually, you can’t properly fly in this mode at all! The only small chance one has of flying is by using Elytras!

Elytra’s don’t give players full-fledged flying abilities! In fact, they only allow players to fall safely to the ground from mountains and hills! 

Where can players find Minecraft Elytras?

Elytra’s can only be found in the End dimension in End Ships which are very hard to find. These ships are located at the very borders of the End and players will need to fight the Ender Dragon to reach them. Alternatively, they can build a bridge from the Dragon’s lair to an End Island. However, this will take a lot of resources as the closest island is more than a hundred blocks away!

Once players get to an End Island, they’ll need to look for an End City and board on an End Ship. Luckily, more than half the end cities in Minecraft have at least one ship!

The Elytra is located inside an item frame inlaid with black Obsidian blocks. It is guarded by a Shulker and players need to defeat him to get their hands on the Elytra. There are also two chests right next to these rare wings and we recommend looting them as well. 

How to Fly with the Elytra?

In order to use the Elytra, players need to equip their character’s chest plate slot with them. Then, they can climb up to a high level and fall while pressing the jump key. This will activate the Elytra and players will then safely glide down to the ground.

Minecraft Elytra

There are a few risks while flying using Elytras. For example, players can fall and hurt themselves if they fly at too sharp an angle. Moreover, they can die if they collide too harshly with the ground or a wall.

Once players feel their legs wobbling, it means they’re losing altitude and will soon land. However, they can extend the flying time by using a firework rocket in their hot bar. This will give them a rapid boost that will shoot them back into the sky and allow them to fly for longer. 

Furthermore, players can eliminate the risk of running into a brick or cliff while flying by eating chorus fruit when the Elytra is activated. This will immediately teleport them to the ground regardless of high up they are in the sky! 

Minecraft Elytra Repairs

Elytra’s get damaged with each use and players need to repair them. They can do this using the two ways mentioned down below.

Players can go to an End City and find another Elytra. Then, they can combine the new Elytra with the old one on a crafting table. The durability of the two will be merged and players will end up with one completely repaired Elytra. 

Alternatively, players can use phantom membranes. Each membrane restores 25% durability while protecting all the enchantments that the Elytra has been equipped with. 

Minecraft Elytra Enchantments 

Enchantments increase the efficiency of Elytra. Currently, there are four main enchantments players can use with Elytras. They have been mentioned down below.

  • Unbreaking- This enchantment helps increase Elytras durability which only lasts for 7 minutes maximum. To equip the Elytra with this enchantment, use an anvil along with enchantment books which will increase the durability and maintain its health. 
  • Mending- This enchantment can be used by combining an anvil with a phantom membrane which will repair the damage done to the Elytra. 
  • Curse of Vanishing- This makes the Elytra disappear after the player dies. 
  • Curse of Binding- This binds the Elytra to the character’s chest until he/she dies!


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