How to Use Minecraft Chorus Fruit?

One of the top action-adventure games, Minecraft, has broken several gaming records. From exploring beautiful landscapes to building your dream house to battling enemies, the game offers everything! Of course, to do all these players need energy from food stores. One particularly special fruit called Minecraft Chorus Fruit is a fan-favorite because of its exceptional uses. So where can players get this useful fruit from? How much energy does it give? Does it have any other uses? Keep on reading to find out all there is to know about Minecraft Chorus Fruit! 

Minecraft Chorus Fruit- How can one get it?

Chorus Fruit is exclusively found in the end dimension from chorus plants. Players can find it naturally or grow some themselves. To get the fruit, players need to break the chorus plant blocks. There is a fifty percent chance of getting the fruit once the plant breaks. Additionally, players can’t use fortune enchantment to increase the probability of getting Minecraft Chorus Fruit. 

Minecraft Chorus Fruit

Using the fruit is pretty easy. Players just need to press and hold use when the fruit is selected in the hotbar. 

Uses of Minecraft Chorus Fruit

Chorus Fruit is an extremely useful fruit that can help players in several ways. The uses of Minecraft Chorus Fruit have been mentioned down below.

Minecraft Chorus FruitHunger Bar and Saturation 

Chorus Fruit is easy to get in the end dimension and hence, it is one of the best food sources. Moreover, players can also store it in their inventories for future use. 

Eating Chorus Fruit will increase 4 hunger points and 2.4 hunger saturation points. Additionally, it is a special food source that can be eaten even when the hunger bar is full! Thus, it can increase hunger saturation even when players aren’t hungry. 


Teleportation using fruits is extremely uncommon in Minecraft and Chorus Fruit is the only one that can grant players this power. Eating it will teleport players over a distance of 8 blocks. The only downside is that players don’t get to choose the direction of teleportation as it is random. 

While ender pearls offer teleportation powers as well, there are a few key differences in the bestowed powers. With ender pearls, players cant teleport through blocks but with chorus fruit, they can. Furthermore, players have full control over the direction of teleportation and the number of steps when they use ender pearls. However, the same is not true for Chorus Fruit. 

Popped Chorus Fruit

Players can burn Chorus Fruit with any fuel in a smelting furnace to get popped Chorus Fruit. This is inedible and is used to make extremely rare items in Minecraft. 

Players can combine it with a blaze rod to get a white light source called an end rod. This end rod is an exceptional decoration piece to brighten up any dull house!

Also, players can make purpur blocks using Popped Chorus Fruit. These are beautiful purple blocks that are used for building purposes. Getting them is extremely difficult as they are found off of the main end island! Hence, using Popped Chorus Fruit is a quick and easy way to make them. 

Decorations and Gardening 

The unique purple color of Chorus Fruits makes them one of the best decorations. Growing it in a garden will bring any bland and dead house to life! However, since they only grow in end soil, players will need to travel to the end dimension to get this beautiful decoration. 

Using Minecraft Chorus Fruit with Elytras 

Elytras are like makeshift hang-gliders in Minecraft which help players land safely to the ground when flying. Players can eat the Chorus Fruit while using an Elytra to teleport to the ground immediately. Even if they’re flying several kilometers over the ground, they will land instantly!

Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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