Marvel Moon Knight Releasing in 2022?

Marvel Fans have been waiting for the arrival of Moon Knight, an obscure and unique superhero, for decades now. Fortunately for them, Marvel has finally decided to bring their dreams to life! Moon Knight is quite different from all other superhero series. Its plot is unique, exciting, and full of mind-boggling plot twists. The fact that the lead character, i.e. Moon Knight himself, suffers from dissociative personality disorder will give his story a unique edge. He will constantly change personalities and identities throughout his adventures which will make them even more exciting. So when will this new Marvel series air? Is the cast list finalized? What is the plot? Keep on reading to find out the latest information about Marvel Moon Knight including its release date, plot, and cast. 

Marvel Moon Knight Release Date

Marvel announced the production of Moon Knight in 2020. Filming was supposed to begin in November 2020 but due to pandemic-related delays, it had to be postponed. Hence, filming for season 1 began in April 2021 in Budapest. 

A Twitter user @d_rettegi followed the production team around to know more about their plans for the series. After stalking them for a few days, she posted a tweet saying: 

“ So after a little detective work I can confirm: they have been shooting #MoonKnight for the past few days in the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest. Considering the equipment and timeline, it was definitely not just some short museum visit scene…” 

Moon Knight will be releasing exclusively on Disney+ like many other Marvel series. Producer Kevin Feige has confirmed that the first season will consist of six episodes each of which will be 40-50 minutes long.

Based on Marvel’s release history and Moon Knight’s filming time, we can expect the series to air somewhere between early and mid-2022.  


No official information about the plot has been released by Marvel regarding the series. However, since it is based on the comic series, we can refer to them to get a fair idea of what to expect. 

Moon Knight is a unique character and a man of many talents. He worked as a boxer, U.S Marine, and a mercenary. His real name is Marc Spector but he changes it to Moon Knight after his interaction with the ancient Egyptian Moon god named Khonshu. God makes Marc his earthly vessel and resides in him which grants him superpowers. 

Marvel Moon Knight Releasing in 2022?

What makes Moon Knight different from other superheroes is his dissociative identity disorder. This disorder makes him take on different personalities throughout his adventures. Sometimes he is a cab driver named Jake Lockley, sometimes he is a socialite resembling Bruce Waynes and other times he is a millionaire named Steven Grant!

Since his personality and powers change throughout the comics, we can’t predict which storyline the TV series will follow. However, based on the pictures and footage, it seems that Moon Knight will have some extreme super powers in the series! 

Marvel Moon Knight Cast

Only a few of the cast members have been revealed as of yet. The most important one is Oscar Isaac who will play the lead role of Moon Knight. The news was recently announced by Marvel itself in a tweet that said:

“WE ARE MOONKNIGHT” – Oscar Isaac 


The tweet was paired with a picture of Moon Knight from the comics and a picture of Oscar Isaac. 

Additionally, the role of the villain will be played by Ethan Hawke. However, information about his character is not disclosed as of yet. 

Another actor with an undisclosed role is May Calamawy. However, we predict that she will play a key role in the series; perhaps the role of Oscar’s love interest! 

We are still waiting to hear more about the cast crew from Marvel and we will be sure to update you as soon as we find out more information. 

Marvel Moon Knight Trailer 

With filming beginning just a few months ago, Marvel’s Moon Knight has no trailer as of yet. Unfortunately, it looks like fans won’t be getting one any time soon based on the 2022 release date.


Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
Muhammad Usman Siddiqui
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