Married to Medicine Season 9- Renewed or Cancelled?

Bravo TV’s Married to Medicine is a women’s or medical reality series in Atlanta, Georgia. It tracks how they live, technologically and socially. The series was made by Cooper Green, Matt Anderson, and Nate Green based on Mariah Huq. It was released for the first time on 24 March 2013. As the 8th season closes, fans want to know if Married to Medicine Season 9 will be released or not. Check out everything related to Season 9 below!

Married to Medicine Season 9 Release Date

On 7 March 2021 on Bravo, Season 8 of Married to Medicine began, whilst the season ended on 18 July 2021, following 19 episodes. It takes about 43 minutes for each episode.

While the series has been attacked for its inability to provide content and morality for its viewers, its value in entertainment has been stirred up. Despite the show, numerous viewers voiced concern that the cast members appear to be genuinely accountable. They also appreciated that leading women don’t miss the chance to participate in community-based projects. And this is why it’s no surprise that they are looking forward to season 9.

Married to Medicine Season 9

An official statement announcing the renewal or cancellation of the show has yet to be published for the 9th season. However, where the scale fits is difficult to say. Remarkably, throughout the years, the outlook has declined dramatically. Indeed, the first episode from the eighth season has attracted an estimated 729,000 viewers, the smallest crowd to play the show’s season. This could be caused by a decrease in the participation of Quad Webb and the absence of Mariah Huq, who both were a major part of the show.

If we take these facts into account, we may imagine when Season 9 will come out. New episodes of the show are released every fall. The COVID-19 outbreak may postpone season 9. But since it takes a little more than a month for the team to prepare for the next season, there is no time to wait until season 9 of Married to Medicine is renewed and later on released in the coming months of fall 2022.

The Cast

The main members of Season 8 are (who will probably be coming back in season 9 as well):

  •         Toya Bush-Harris
  •         Dr. Jackie Walters
  •         Dr. Simone Whitmore
  •         Dr. Heavenly Kimes
  •         Dr. Contessa Metcalfe
  •         Newly arrived Anila Sajja
  •         Kari Wells
  •         Lisa Nicole Cloud
  •         Quad Webb 

We may expect many of the above cast members to meet again if season 9 happens. But whether or not Mariah and Quad return as a regular series remains to be seen. To liven things up a little, can introduce new simulation members.


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