March of the Machine Arriving in 2023

It is becoming the first-ever trading card game with approximately thirty-five million players. Magic: The Gathering has been praised for its originality and is also referred to as the “best gaming bargain” that gaming enthusiasts can ask for themselves.

It has accomplished the “elusive goal” of challenging and changing the definition of adventure gaming through its unique gaming sets and epic card decks that it has become famous for over the years, making the battles even more thrilling, exciting, and fun for all! Luckily for the gamers, the 96th expansion for Magic: The Gathering will be no less electrifying than before, as “March of the Machine” is said to be one of the most ambitious sets ever launched in MTG history.

March of the Machine Arriving in 2023
March of the Machine Arriving in 2023

Even though March of the Machine is not the next premier set, the promise of whole MTG forces joining in for the Endgame. ‘Battle for the Multiverse against the Phyrexians’ has brought in a lot of attention from players worldwide who cannot wait for its official release.

Well, fear not, owners of delicate luxury cardboard rectangles! We have gathered all the mega magic news related to the March of the Machine release and whatnot.

Just keep reading to find the answers to your burning questions!

What is the March of the Machine Release Date?

The upcoming “March of the Machine” set will debut in April 2023. 

But, as expected, it will follow its typical MTG release pattern, which means that its pre-release events will take place a week before the new set’s official paper launch.

However, the great news is that this time around, March of the Machine cards will be available in all applicable formats following its pre-release events (usually made legal for only tabletop releases) due to a sudden change made by the franchise.

The said change will come into effect after the pre-release of the set “Phyrexia: All Will Be One.”

Following are all the official key release dates that have been laid out for us by the concerned authorities:

  • Prerelease Events: April 14th – 20th, 2023
  • Digital Release: April 18th, 2023
  • Tabletop Release: April 21st, 2023

So, remember to get your first-hand experience of the March of the Machine!

What is the March of the Machine Story-Line?

At the moment, no important details have been revealed regarding the storyline of the upcoming set except that it will chronicle the final battle against the Phyrexians. With March of Machine: The Aftermath (epilogue set) capping off the intense Phyrexian Arc that has been on the run for four groups now.

This is quite understandable as, on the one hand, its release happens to be months away from now, while on the other hand, we do not even have Phyrexia: All Will Be One’s story yet.

Though it is too early to expect new details about its story, there have been wild theories and countless speculations about the anticipated set.

With the Wizards of the Coasts also being secretive about it, it does not help the case, as many think that significant changes are coming to MTG regarding lore and gameplay. Since;

“the entire multiverse rallying together to have this one final epic battle.”

But it might be true, seeing the hype! The “very fabric of the multiverse” will be broken, and numerous planes will collide as our fan-favorite characters come together to fight off the evil threat!! 

March of the Machine Promo Artwork:

The promo artwork is already very telling about the set’s flavor. First of all, one thing is for sure all the planes will be unified as it gives off the energy of everyone coming together under the threat of Phyrexians Elesh Norn (wild card).

However, our main attraction of the set is Elesh Norn. She is the leader of Phyrexians now, far more threatening and dangerous than the previous iteration of Phyrexians. She is almost a deity with worshipping masses at her feet and statues arrayed behind her in frozen worship.

Not only that, she is a permanent praetor. If she enters the battlefield under your control, it will not only give you double the ability but also shutdowns your opponent’s permanence. You are joining the ability field. This is wild from a power standpoint as it means double the bonus for your zero bonus for your opponent.

With Elesh Norn on the loose and new changes, such action will take place, making March of the Machine different from our average Magic set.

March of the Machine Products:

Once the set launches, gaming enthusiasts can get their hands on a variety of March of the Machine products 

Here is what you can expect:

  • Draft Boosters
  • Set Boosters
  • Collector Boosters
  • Jumpstart Boosters
  • Commander Decks
  • The Bundle.

Though some other products might be included but have not been disclosed by the officials.

March of the Machine Leaks and Spoilers:

There are no spoilers or leaks available for us to digest as it is still four months until its official debut, and typically the premier set’s spoiler season begins when there are roughly two to three weeks before launch.

It will probably be around March 28th; then we will get leaks about its extended First Look, story chapters, etc.

We will update once we get our hands on some juicy stuff, do not worry. Till then, stay tuned!


Aiman Muneer
Aiman Muneer
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