Man With A Plan Season 5: Updates and News

‘Man With A Plan’ is a very popular American TV series which is a comedy-drama. Matt Leblanc (acting as Adam Burns) along with Liza Snyder (acting as Andi) are the lead characters of the series. This series was premiered on 14th October 2016.

Till now there are 4 seasons as of now and we all are wondering if there is going to be any further series of this show or not. Let’s dive in and see what we know about season 5 of Man with a plan. This series is directed by Jackie and Jell Filgo. This show was premiered on the CBS network and had 69 episodes in the entire 4 seasons.

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The plotline of this series shows a contractor called Adam Burns, he was leading a happy married life with Andi and their 3 children. This series starts with a place situated on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. 

Later on, we could see Andi would be planning to go on and start working again, and meanwhile his husband Adam would be there to look after their kids.

With a comical touch, it further shows us how Adam tries to work as a contractor and also equalize his duties as a father. And now the main question is how is adam going to handle this all at the time? and how is he going to manage it?

Is Man With a Plan Season 5 Going to Be Premiered?

As sad as we are to share this, unfortunately, there will be no season 5 of Man With A Plan as it was reportedly canceled by CBS.

However, as the series has 4 seasons. The 1st part of the series was premiered on 24th October 2016 and it had 22 episodes. The second season was premiered on 13th November 2017 and had a total of 21 episodes.

Man With A Plan Season 5
Man With A Plan Season 5

Furthermore, the third season was premiered on 4th February 2019 and the fourth season was premiered on 2nd April 2019. Both 3rd and fourth seasons had 13 episodes each.

This show has a good fan following and all the fans were excited about the 5th season of this show. However unfortunately the 5th season was canceled even before the 4th season was released which also came as a big surprise for all the fans.

Also, we believe that the final; season was canceled as there was a big drop after the 3rd season and the makers just continued with ending the show after the 4th season.

However, the actual reason for the cancellation of the show is not yet known. As none of the cast or crew members has given any statement yet. The show was all planned to go on for more seasons however it got canceled.

Why Was ‘man With a Plan‘ Season 5 Canceled?

The actual reason for the show being canceled is because of the product cost of the show. The production cost was very costly to handle by CBS thus they decided to cancel the show completely.

Even with a huge fan base in all 4 seasons, the show was decided to be canceled in May 2020. However, it is believed that Netflix might resume the show once again but there is no confirmation about this yet. 

What Were the Average Ratings of Man With a Plan Season 4?

The fourth season of Man with a Plan had gained 0.70 ratings according to the demographic of 18-49 and with 5.80 million viewers in the 4th season. Meanwhile, in the third season, there was about 20 % less in the demographic and is 9% increase in viewers. Along with that, the rating had raised to 7.1 as of July 2021 and this proves that fans loved the show all over the world.

Where Can You Get All the Season of Man With a Plan?

All four seasons of Man With A Plan can be watched on Netflix and also on Amazon Prime Video. Along with that, all the seasons are also available for streaming. Do check them out and enjoy all the amazing seasons of the show. Till then stay tuned with us for such amazing updates.

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