Major Reason Behind the Mcu Timeline With “Hawkeye”

Recently it was headlined that Hawkeye has crossed the MCU timeline a lot ahead compared to other shows on Disney+. The recent shows that were played included the multiverse and timeline of the entire Marvel Universe.

Among those Hawkeye also made a return and was up to the mark with fans’ expectations. Kate Bishop and Clint Barton’s Christmas-season fun also took palace alongside in  New York City.

Meanwhile, the location is also similar, while Hawkeye happened in another story. Just as in the comics this story is completely dependent on, MCU properties. As per the recent entries of MCU, it was said that they have followed Spider-Man: Far From Home’s lead, and along with that they also calculated the details of Avengers: Endgame. However, Hawkeye still tops the trend by being ahead in the list.

Major Reason Behind the MCU Timeline with Hawkeye
Major Reason Behind the MCU Timeline with Hawkeye

Hawkeye Reviews Tops the Entire List

After following the hit Hawkeye series of David Aja and Matt Fraction, the Hawkeye of Disney+ has more yo offer than just showing Clint Barton at the beginning of the show. This finally proves to fans how Barton works when he is not working with the Avengers being both a superhero and also showing his normal life.

As per the MCU version of this particular character, it further shows his daily life and also spending some time with his children. As said in an interview by director Rhys Thomas, Hawkeye’s story happened after 2 years when Barton’s family returned from oblivion. 

And after that, the Endgame happened in the year 2023, which further showed that Hawkeye took place during the end of the year 2025. This show completely shows what Barton has been doing after the huge battle of Endgame and the way he is handling all the trauma after the endgame and the way he is leading his life.

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Even though Barton got his family back he had failed to save his closest friend(Natasha Romanoff) from sacrificing her life for the stone. However, all the consequences that took place from being unable to stop her were way heavier than surviving. Later on, we will see how Hawkeye’s ideals with her cruel sister, Yelena Belova as shown in the post-credit scene.

Hawkeye to Have a Broadway Musical

Also in the process of helping solve the post-credit scene of the Black Widow, the entire 2-year gap even provides a certain context to the most popular trailer of Hawkeye. Also, it is informed that a Broadway musical dedicated to Steve Rogers’ life, and also named Rogers: The Musical is going to be shown in Hawkeye.

This series will show everything from getting Barton to New York and also showing his life by Black Widow’s death. Along with that, the  Broadway musicals will also be shown in the show, and it also means that after being disappeared for almost 2 years Roger will be seen in the Musical.

Hawkeye seems to be an extent of what the MCU’s future fans have seen ever. However, it concludes that they are required to introduce some more characters such as Echo and Kate Bishop into the MCU. And after that continue to introduce characters like Yelena, in the show to make it a hit. 

We will keep you updated if we receive any further news till then stay tuned with us for all such amazing updates.

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Jacqueline Mitchell
Jacqueline Mitchell
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